Braised fish with Nauclea fruit

Braised fish with Nauclea fruit (Ca kho gao) is an extremely rustic dish, showing the idyllic image of Ninh Binh people. Braised fish with Nauclea fruit, along with specialties imbued with homeland flavor such as: mountain snails, Yen Mac fermented pork roll, goat meat, scorched rice, have contributed greatly to creating an attraction for Ninh Binh tourism.


About the Nauclea fruit

Nauclea fruit has a sour, slightly sweet and fragrant taste, so it is often used instead of tamarind, dracontomelon to braise fish or to cook sour soup. The Nauclea tree is a tree commonly found in places such as rivers, streams, or caves. When the Nauclea fruit is still green, it is slightly acrid and when it is yellow, it is slightly sour, but both are suitable for braising fish.


Prepare the ingredients for braised fish with Nauclea fruit.

To have a pot of braised fish Nauclea fruit standard Ninh Binh flavor is not too difficult, but it needs to be prepared carefully in the selection of ingredients. According to the experience of the indigenous people: "When choosing Nauclea fruit, you must choose young green fruits because the green ones have a certain sour and aromatic taste. Do not choose the old ones because they can no longer be preserved for a more distinctive taste". For fish, you should choose fish that are still fresh and processed as soon as they are fresh. To reduce the fishy smell, the fish must be scaled, the internal organs removed, washed, and cut to taste, then seasoned with salt, ginger, and vinegar.


The process of making braised fish Nauclea fruit

After preparing, we proceed to braise the fish, place a layer of thinly sliced Nauclea fruit on the bottom of the pot, then alternately alternate a layer of fish and then another layer of Nauclea fruit until it runs out. Finally, we seasoned to taste, including a dried onion, a ginger branch, two spoons of fish sauce, a spoon of seasoning, pepper, chili and a little colored candy to make the dish look more eye-catching. Then we put the fish pot on the stove and simmer until the water runs out and the fish in the pot is cooked.


Enjoy the braised fish Nauclea fruit.

Looking at the plate of braised fish with attractive colors and the special delicious taste of the Nauclea fruit when eaten with white rice, surely anyone who enjoys it will not be able to resist its taste. This is a rustic and not fat dish, so no matter how much you eat, you won't get greasy.

Braised fish with Nauclea fruit is a dish made from popular ingredients but has become a specialty of Ninh Binh known to many people thanks to its unforgettable taste. If you have the opportunity to travel to this beautiful land, remember not to forget to enjoy the attractive dishes that have the bold identity of this homeland.

Leading add for Braised fish with Nauclea fruit in Ninh Binh:

Restaurants in Trang An tourism area, Ninh Binh province (original)
Nhu Y Restaurant – Tiep fresh beer at Tan Trung Residential Area, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City.

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