Roasted rice field crab with piper lolot

Roasted rice field crab with piper lolot is a rustic dish with a bold culinary culture of the Ninh Binh people. The unbelievably crunchy, fragrant flavor of roasted field crab with piper lolot will make your heart flutter from the first time you enjoy it.


About Ninh Binh's roasted rice field crab with piper lolot (cua dong rang la lot):

Field crab is a rustic dish; only people in the countryside can have it. Because this is a crab that lives in the wild, their food is also natural, so the crab meat is very fragrant, chewy and delicious, different from farmed crabs. In order to have a delicious and beautiful roasted field crab dish, Ninh Binh people have their own secrets.

The well-prepared crabs, roasted with sliced piper lolot, have created a very unique flavor for this dish. The crabs used are not farmed but hand-caught in the wild, so the taste is also very rustic and different, making diners surprised when enjoying them.


Processing roasted field crab with piper lolot in Ninh Binh

First, choose alive crab, medium-sized crab, without broken claws, then wash it, peel the shell, peel the bib, let it drain, then marinate with fish sauce, salt, and pepper to infuse. Other ingredients such as lemongrass, chopped chili, Piper lolot leaves are soaked in diluted salt water, soaked for about 3-5 minutes, then drained, and then sliced onto a plate with the lemongrass and chili peppers.

Put the pan on the stove, heat the oil until hot, then pour in the crab and roast evenly. Adjust the stove so that the heat is not too big and the crabs will be burned or too small and they will not cook.

When the crab starts to turn yellow, then add chili, lemongrass and guise leaves and stir until the lemongrass is crispy. And the last step is to put the dish on the plate.


Enjoy roasted field crab with guise leaves in Ninh Binh.

Enjoy the roasted rice field crab with piper lolot to feel the taste of this rustic specialty. The crispy, greasy taste of the crab blends with the aroma of the piper lolot, making the dish great. Roasted field crab with piper lolot is not only a famous specialty in Ninh Binh, but it is also famous from near and far.

Leading restaurant for Roasted rice field crab with piper lolot dish: Nhu Y Restaurant – Tiep fresh beer at Tan Trung Residential Area, Tan Thanh Ward, Ninh Binh City.

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