Sliced rice paper with Anabas soup

In the list of specialties with the taste of the country cuisine of Ninh Binh, the dish of "sliced rice paper anabas soup" (canh banh da ca ro dong) is always easy to eat and has a strange appeal. There are many delicious dishes made with anabas, such as anabas sticky rice, braised anabas, crispy fried anabas, braised anabas with soy sauce, but the most flavorful is still the sliced rice paper with anabas soup.


About sliced rice paper anabas soup:

"First anabas, second catfish, third weather loach" is the saying that the ancients aimed to promote the nutritional value of anabas. Tong Truong (Formerly Tong Truong Yen, now Trang An World Heritage Site, Hoa Lu district) in Ninh Binh has the best quality anabas. The time when the Tong Truong anabas naturally grow the most and the fish meat tastes the best is around March of the lunar calendar, when the rice fields in Ninh Binh are at the stage of cultivation and flowering. The showers that appear are the time when insects in the field pour down to prey on the anabas. It is not clear since when, the dish of sliced rice paper anabas soup has become so familiar to the villagers in Ninh Binh.


Prepare the ingredients for sliced rice paper anabas soup:

The main ingredients include: anabas (ideally, the Tong Truong anabas), spicy green mustard vegetables, ginger, and sliced rice paper (red or white one). Spices are served according to individual preferences: Bean sprouts, banana flowers, fresh chili...

First, the anabas are cleaned of scales, shocked with salt, and then boiled thoroughly. Then, the most important and time-consuming step is to remove the fish meat from the bones so that the meat of fish is still intact. The whole bone is pounded and cooked, filtered to get a sweet broth.


How to make sliced rice paper anabas soup:

Anabas meat is marinated with spices, onions, pepper, fish sauce, salt, and monosodium glutamate to absorb evenly, then add aromatic oil, begin to stir-fry the meat of the fish until it really smells good. Put some chopped green mustard (or water celery, elephant ear stalk) and stir-fry with the fish until the fish and vegetables are cooked and soaked in spices.

The soul of Ninh Binh's bowl of sliced rice paper anabas soup is the broth. The main ingredients are fish body bones and fish heads. To create more sweetness, you can use more pork bones to stew or use stewed vegetable juice to sweeten naturally. The broth must be clear, fragrant, and nutritious.

The sliced rice paper that you want to eat must be blanched in boiling water, so that they are not too cooked, but also not too tough. When placing it in the bowl, scoop the meat of anabas on top and pour the broth into the bowl. Bring it to the table, the sliced rice paper is just cooked. You can enjoy it as soon as the bowl of soup is still smoking. Add a little fried onion, a little bean sprouts, a few thinly sliced ​​banana flowers, a little fresh chili, a piece of lemon... and you can enjoy a great bowl of anabas soup.


Enjoy sliced rice paper anabas soup:

The chewy and chewy piece of anabas is fragrant with the smell of spicy green mustard vegetables (or water celery, elephant ear stalk), a little crunchy of bean sprouts, the sweet aroma of laksa leaves, adding the light chewiness of the freshly cooked rice paper fibres, another spoonful of sweet and refreshing broth… is great. The dish of sliced rice paper anabas soup in Ninh Binh, even if you eat a lot, will not get greasy, easy to digest, so it is suitable to eat in any season.

Consisting of only a few simple ingredients that are easy to find, but with a harmonious combination, sliced rice paper anabas soup becomes a beauty and gradually affirms its position in the culture of Ninh Binh cuisine, contributing to attracting visitors to the ancient capital land.

Leading Slice Rice Paper with Anabas Soup restaurants in Ninh Binh:

Lien Dong Restaurant – 94 Hoang Dieu road, Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh city
Huong Xua Restaurant – 168 Nam Thanh road, Phuc Thanh ward, Ninh Binh city
Binh Ca Ro 335 Restaurant – 140 Hoang Dieu road, Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh city
Thap Tam Restaurant – Dong Thanh village, Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province

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