Thien Canh Son Cave of Bai Tu Long Bay

Thien Canh Son Cave (Grass or Co Cave) in Bai Tu Long Bay has a long stretch of white sand beach, a beautiful and tranquil natural landscape, and is located in the center of the Cong Do heritage region, which has been conserved virtually intact. The breathtaking environment here makes people fall in love, making them believe they are viewing a panorama from the sky, which is why it is known as Thien Canh Son.




Thien Canh Son Cave is 11 sea miles from the shore. To explore this landscape, it takes you about 2-3 hours to cruise. This is a beautiful, peaceful heritage area, preserving many pristine landscapes, not noisy even on peak occasions. Therefore, many tourists come here just for the purpose of visiting Vung Vieng fishing village or this cave.

According to fishermen in this area, Thien Canh Son is a folk name that has long been given by tourists and people because of the beautiful scenery, peace and great experience it brings when visiting. From the island, visitors can admire the masterpiece of nature with its rocky islands of all shapes and sizes, the long stretch of fine golden sand, and the four seasons of crashing waves.




Located in the conservation center of Cong Do island, the folk name-Co cave is named after Co islet, where wonderful nature created this cave. The Grass Cave is divided into 2 compartments, connected by a narrow path. The Co cave compartments are not too big, but beautiful, white, smooth limestone stalactites pull together like large curtains.

The cave's stunning ceiling, the magnificent wavy arch spanning to the cave's end, is ornamented with countless stalactites of various shapes still developing through the cracks... The light outside glows brightly on sunny days. Colorful, shimmering light columns formed when sunlight entered the cave and mixed with the cave's dampness.




Follow the path to the end of the cave. You will be surprised to admire the magnificent and poetic natural picture of Ha Long Bay from this ideal viewing point. It is a beautiful scene of a clear and calm sea, surrounded by countless large and small rocky islands with many beautiful shapes, overlapping islands, white ships sailing in the blue sea, and flora and fauna. diverse, green, covered from the foot of the island... 

Not only that, Thien Canh Son cave is quite close to the overnight accommodation, so this place is also one of the favorite destinations for international tourists on their journey to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. Coming here, visitors can experience the white sand beach, clear blue water surrounding the foot of the island, or kayak to explore the heritage area, taking a close-up view of the cracks, the sea and the fine white sand at the foot of the island.

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