Thu Bon Poetic River

Thu Bon River, which rises in the Truong Son Mountain Range and flows toward the sea, is responsible for many cultural landmarks, including the My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town, both of which are designated as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. It also contributes significantly to the creation of the rich and fertile land in Quang Nam Province.


Overview of Thu Bon River:

At the top of Ngoc Linh Mountain, which is nearly 2,500 meters high, little springs that flow through forests of cinnamon trees and a rare kind of Ngoc Linh ginseng give rise to the Thu Bon River. This mountain is located in Nam Tra My District's Truong Son Mountain Range in the province of Quang Nam. The river is referred to as Tranh in the Tien Phuoc and Hiep Duc districts, which is a rather unassuming name. The name Thu Bon is given to it as it flows through the Que Son and Duy Xuyen districts and joins the Vu Gia River.

The Thu Bon River basin is roughly 10.350 km2. One of Vietnam's major domestic basins, it has a lot of potential for producing hydroelectricity. Plans call for the utilization of hydroelectricity in eight projects in the Vu Gia-Thu Bon River system.


Tourist activities on Thu Bon River:

Visitors typically explore the Thu Bon river by boat from Hoi An Old Town or take a scheduled trip. The bustle of the artisan villages along the river's bank, including Thanh Ha for pottery, Phuoc Kieu for bronze casting, Tra Que for vegetables, Ma Chau for silk, and Phu Chiem for rice paper, will draw you when you're sitting on a boat. Additionally, tourists can take advantage of certain local markets to get a true sense of the welcoming culture and rural living in this area.


History, role and cultural valuations of Thu Bon River in local life:

The Thu Bon River has historically had a significant impact on the culture of the Cham people, a Vietnamese ethnic group. In the Duy Xuyen District, the My Son Sanctuary is one of the most magnificent relics. With images of religious events, horse and elephant parades, sparkling palanquins, and groups of Apsara girls dancing beneath the old towers, visitors to the sanctuary may feel transported to the Cham world.

The river also contributed to the development of Hoi An, one of Vietnam's most historic and picturesque seaports, before it entered the ocean. Along the river, Hoi An, Tra Que Vegetable-Growing Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, and Cua Dai have come together to form a distinctive tourism complex.

The river has produced productive crops and given the residents a plentiful supply of aquatic goods, including fish and shrimp, on its journey to the sea. From the seaport of Hoi An, it aided the residents of Nong Son Incense Making Village, Tam Tang Cloth Weaving Village, and Thanh Ha Pottery Village in exporting their goods to foreign markets. Due to this, Thu Bon is always referred to as the "Mother River" by the local peasants in the province.

The residents of Duy Xuyen joyfully arrange a festival honoring "Mother River" every year in March. They go to the river during the festival and ask her to come visit their family and provide them with a bountiful harvest and happiness.

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