Tu Duc (Modesty) Tomb in Hue

A first glance at Tu Duc Tomb (Tomb of Modesty) in Hue can give the impression of being in a magnificent park, complete with lakes, hills, and pavilions set among the lush frangipani trees and pine groves.

The Tu Duc Tomb is one of the most magnificent and attractive royal residences and tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty, and is located in a tiny valley in Duong Xuan Thuong Village, 8 kilometers from Hue City. The Tu Duc Tomb is said to be a must-see on every Hue City visit.


Between 1864 and 1867, the tomb was built. The construction of Tu Duc's tomb necessitated an enormous amount of money and labor, resulting in a workers' revolt. As a result, the tomb was renamed Khiem Lang, as opposed to its previous name, Van Nien Co, which means it expresses the wish to be permanent. In addition, the monarch wanted to demonstrate his humility, so all of the structures' names were modified to include the word Khiem, which means Modesty.

Because the monument was completed while the monarch was still in power, it was a spot where he could withdraw from the Citadel to compose poetry or go hunting. The tomb's design is supposed to clearly show the king's great knowledge and romance of his traits.


A first glance at the tomb can give the impression of being in a magnificent park, complete with lakes, hills, and pavilios set among the lushness of frangipani trees and pine groves. A complete octagonal wall surrounds it. Luu Khiem Lake, Tinh Khiem Island, Xung Khiem Pavilion, and Hoa Khiem Temple are some of the significant sites within the tomb's temple area (which commemorates the King and the Queen). The Hoa Khiem Temple contains a tiny museum depicting the King's life, including a mirror used by the King's concubines, a lock given by the French, and the emperor and empress's memorial tablets. Because the tomb serves as a home away from home, the compound includes a royal theatre called Minh Khiem Duong. The theatre's ceiling is carved with stars, clouds, a crescent moon, and the sky, reflecting Tu Duc's lyrical soul. Today, performances are held at Xung Khiem Ta, near Luu Khiem Lake, rather than at this theatre.

The tomb area, which includes the Honour Courtyard, the Stele Pavilion, and the seplucre, is the final section. This tomb's Stele Pavilion is the largest in Vietnam, and it has the king's own inscriptions concerning his life.


Tourists visiting Tu Duc Tomb may feel as if they are lost in a large landscape park, where antique feudal monuments are wonderfully in sync with the natural environment.

Motorbikes, cars, and even bicycles are recommended modes of transportation for visiting Tu Duc Tomb. This landmark can be seen as part of a tour that includes the Khai Dinh Tomb and Tu Hieu Pagoda. Wear suitable shoes because seeing this mausoleum necessitates a lot of walking.

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