Tram Chim Wetland National Park

The 2,000th Ramsar site in the world, Tram Chim National Park in the Mekong Delta, is a wetland site classified as of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. The national park is particularly beautiful during the high-water season, which runs from Aug to Nov. The water reflects the sky, and the great blue is adorned with lotuses, lilies, melaleuca flowers, and sky bird wings.




The 7,300-hectare Tram Chim National Park, located 35 kilometers from Cao Lanh City in Dong Thap Province, encompasses five communes and Tram Chim Township. 130 species of flora and 200 wetland birds, including white storks and mallards, call this place home. Tram Chim National Park was named the 2,000th Ramsar site in the world, and the fourth in Vietnam, in 2013. The Ramsar Convention was established to safeguard wetlands and the birds that inhabit them. Tram Chim National Park was recognized for exceeding all of the requirements. It's a natural forest that also serves as a refuge for over 150 freshwater fish species.




Canoes glide down the canals during the dry season, between the 5th and the 12th lunar month, transporting guests around to observe the serene environment of Tram Chim, where the grass fields and winds soothe the soul. Tram Chim National Park has around 3,000 hectares of capujut trees. Water chestnut, eleocharis, ferns, and flowers cover the rest. Thin purple three-petal blossoms cover the undulating waterways of Tram Chim National Park in January, when the alum content is high, the water is clean, and photosynthesis is intense. The delicate purple blossoms bloom for several kilometers along the water. For the next 30 to 40 days, they will be in full swing deep within the national park.




Visitors are amazed by darting birds that suddenly hide and then quickly expose themselves while sitting in a boat creeping through the wetlands. They may come across a few white storks in the treetops on occasion. In a red sunset sky, a flock of hundreds of mallards may spread their wings. A magnificent view like this is a tremendous reward for those who patiently wait for the sun to set. Early risers may notice flocks of birds preening their feathers on the branches of the trees before scattering in quest of food. For many, such natural wonders are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can observe the storks as they search for food. Even when they see a fish, they don't strike right away; instead, they wait until the fish realizes there is no threat and relaxes its defense. A stork is a bird that stands stationary and does not move. The bird shoots its head down to snag the fish as it swims to its feet, but it does not consume the fish immediately.




Instead, it transports the live fish to a small pond deep within the swamp, where the storks stockpile food to feed the flock throughout the difficult winter months. A red-crowned crane, which is classified in Vietnam's red book of endangered species, is seen by some visitors. The red-crowned cranes' main diet during the dry season is water chestnut. These birds are incredibly devoted. If one of a couple's members dies, the other will go on a hunger strike until they too die. A new member will not be accepted. A female red-crowned crane lays just two eggs, and the parents will only rear one of the two chicks that emerge from these eggs. That is why the two tiny cranes compete for the nourishment they require to thrive. Only the strongest will survive for a long time. Five sub-regions make up Tram Chim National Park. Only two of the five are authorized to engage in tourism. The remaining three sub-regions serve as a bird nesting ground, a fish conservation zone, and a feeding area for red-crowned cranes, which migrate when the water level is high and return in the dry season.

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