Hon Mun (Coral Island)

Hon Mun, aka Coral Island, is one of the most gorgeous islands in Nha Trang, the location with the most coral and marine species in Southeast Asia. Hon Mun is about 12 kilometers from the shore and 50 minutes from Cau Da port. This is the country's first marine protected area. Hon Mun, which contains a two-line combination of hot and cold water, is where hundreds of kinds of coral and fish that are unusual around the globe have developed.


Hon Mun is named after the steep cliffs in the south-east of the island, which form a cave with rock as black as ebony, which is quite rare in other areas. Because of the island's terrain, it is quite close to the equator's hot currents, making it ideal for the development of coral and a variety of marine life. The seafloor in Hon Mun's core region is home to a varied assortment of marine species, making it an intriguing spot for marine life, oceanography, and tourists to learn and investigate.


Scuba diving coral sightseeing at Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun is a great place to go scuba diving because of its proximity to hot-sea currents. There are over 350 distinct species of coral and a plethora of sea life, including a vast variety of nudibranchs, several varieties of shrimp, crabs, cowries, and mantis shrimp. Joining Hon Mun Diving Tours down to depths of 6-8 meters will allow you to witness the lovely view of coral reefs, and you will be able to touch species such as sea stars, coral, and sea urchins.

There are many visitors to Nha Trang, but none to the south. It's a pity, because diving is incredibly intriguing, revealing the lovely mystery beneath the surface of the sea. Let's arrange a diving tour right away if you haven't done so yet.

Hon Mun, or Coral Island, is a working tourism destination that is also a marine protected area, ensuring that the ecology and terrain are fully safeguarded. Visitors should not damage or cut coral when diving, and they must wear propellers to avoid damaging the coral.


Best time to visit and dive at Hon Mun Island

In Nha Trang, Hon Mun is the largest diving spot. It is open all year, but the ideal months to dive and make hotel reservations in Nha Trang are between April and October.

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