Cham Island of Hoi An

The Cham Islands are a group of eight tiny islands in the South East Asia Sea. Numerous sand beaches, hilly terrain covered with trees, and a panoramic view of the ocean are all features of the historic landscape.


Cham Island is around 15 kilometers from the well-known tourist attraction of Hoi An, and you may get there by taking the Cua Dai Beach route. One of the biggest draws to this lovely place is the amazing coral and aquatic life. From the closest shore point, they can be reached in around 3 hours by canoe or in just 30 minutes by speedboat.


A significant portion of Central Vietnam's history may be found in the Cham Islands, which were thought to have been inhabited by the Cham people for many years before they arrived on the mainland. While commerce ties allegedly began about 1000 years ago, archaeologists assert that the Cham initially settled 3000 years ago. The traditional resources of the Cham people include rice farming, fishing, trade in pepper, cinnamon bark, ivory, and timber, as well as access to neighboring nations through the port of Hoi An. The swallows' nest, which is used to make a delicate, pricey, and in-demand local cuisine, is the island's primary resource today. This harvest is significant since each kilogram is worth a staggering $4,000 USD. On the larger island, there are two fishing communities called Bai Lang and Bai Huong.


The Cham Islands are particularly well known for their immaculate white beaches. The most notable beach that this magnificent island group has to offer is Bai Chong. Although it is possible to visit the Cham Islands year-round, the dry season, which runs from February to September, is preferable for travel. Additionally, travelers have the choice of spending the night.

The Cham Islands also provide snorkeling and scuba diving for guests. However, it is advised that individuals who want to be cautious of faulty equipment sold by some of these shops look elsewhere. Avoid going with the less expensive solutions; it is much safer to spend a little extra on secure gear and a qualified instructor. The Cham Islands offer a great offshore getaway from Hoi An and Da Nang's busy tourist areas.

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