Old Houses of Hoi An Town

In Hoi An, old houses conceal a long history. The length of these residences stood out, as they were close together in the broad and breezy alleys. To learn about Hoi An, you must visit a private home where the old methods Vietnamese life are still evident, particularly residences on Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets... The following are some of the most well-known Old Houses in Hoi An that you should see during your walking tour.


Tan Ky Old House has four rooms and is located in Tan Ky, Hoi An. All of these rooms are modest, yet they are jam-packed with lovely antiques. The majority of these antiques are made of wood. These four rooms serve four distinct functions. The living room, courtyard, and bedroom are all used to welcome the Chinese merchants. Except for the bedroom, the other three rooms are accessible. It is preferable to travel with a guide. He knows everything there is to know about the old house.


Phung Hung Old House can be found at 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street in Hoi An, Vietnam. The structure is supported by eighty columns. The Yin and Yang style roof, which is generally composed of convex designs, is another element of the old house. The tiles that join the roof, on the other hand, are manufactured in a concave shape. Various handicrafts that reflect Vietnam's culture and tradition may also be found at the Old House.

Old house Quang Thang: This 150-year-old structure is built in the Hoa Ha, China architectural style. The house's style and interior design have been carefully preserved over the years. That allows us to envisage, at least in part, the lifestyle of its previous owners, who were members of Hoi An's merchant class.


Tran Family Home: situated at 21 Le Loi. Tran Tu Nhuc, the chapel's builder, was responsible for the chapel's name. This individual built this residence and chapel in the year 1802 for the purpose of worshiping his ancestors. The chapel is exquisitely designed. The building's design exemplifies Chinese architectural brilliance. The Tran Family Home and Chapel is filled with antiques and traditional presents. The chapel also reflects the time period in which it was constructed. There are two holes in it. One is the drawing room, and the other is the chapel's ancestral section.

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