Bac Lieu Prince's Mansion

Affluent landlords with children once resided in Bac Lieu, and their extravagant lives spawned several anecdotes about the "princes," notably Tran Trinh Huy. Tran Trinh Huy's mansion (Bac Lieu prince's house) is located at 13 Dien Bien Phu Street in Bac Lieu Town. In the early twentieth century, while the country was under French colonialism, he was the son of Tran Trinh Trach, a wealthy man who was the province's greatest landlord. Huy was well-known as a dandy with a hedonistic lifestyle and extravagant spending habits.




The structure, which was constructed between 1917 and 1919, has been carefully preserved and is a major tourist attraction today. A French architect created it, mixing western European architecture with traditional Vietnamese elements. "The Big House" is how the locals refer to it. The majority of the building materials were shipped in from Paris.




All of the patterns on the ceiling were painted by French painters, and their work has stood the test of time. Huy's lifestyle is exemplified by various artifacts in the 100-year-old residence. When he returned to Vietnam after studying in France, his father picked him up in this automobile, which he had purchased in 1930.

The majority of the goods in the house are in good working order, including music players and desk phones. The residence has both "cold" and "hot" beds. For use in the summer, the cool bed was constructed with scented rosewood and marble tiles. Sandalwood was used to make the hot bed, which was used while it was raining.




Intricately carved inlays adorned all of the wooden articles. A marble staircase with three 9-step parts connects the house's two floors. The nine stages represent indestructibility. The house has a terrace, and Trach, Huy's father, used to place money on the rails of the wooden staircase that leads up to it.

People still tell stories about Huy burning a $100 bill so he could use the light to find the earrings that his girlfriend, Phung Ha, had dropped. According to historical documents, Huy had eight offspring with three spouses. He allegedly had children with his concubines as well, but the exact number is unknown. Except for Tran Trinh Duc, who lives 3 kilometers from his father's house, all of Huy's children live abroad. Every day, Duc comes here to greet guests and sign the book he authored about his father.

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