Bach Ma National Park of Hue

Bach Ma National Park, located in the legendary Annamite Range, is simply a must-see for environmental lovers, especially bird watchers. Bach Ma National Park is a paradise for trekkers and visitors because of its great biodiversity and gorgeous natural scenery.

Bach Ma National Park is located in central Vietnam, near Hue Imperial City, amid the legendary Annamite Mountains. It covers an area of 37,487 hectares and is divided into three districts: Phu Loc, Nam Dong, and Dong Giang. From Hue (40 km), Da Nang (65 km), and Hoi An (80 km), Bach Ma National Park is easily accessible (90 km). This protected area, which was established in 1991, is divided into three zones: a core that is tightly protected, an administrative region, and a buffer zone.


Bach Ma National Park has a tropical climate and two distinct seasons: dry and rainy. It is recognized as one of Vietnam's most humid locations, with weather that can easily and swiftly shift from sunshine to tropical downpour in a matter of hours. Because of its great height, the summit area is always cooler. As a result, it's also known as Central Vietnam's Dalat.

The park's biodiversity and unique location are well-known. It is the biophysical border between northern and southern Vietnam, with a diverse range of habitats. Some refer to Bach Ma as "Vietnam's Flora Diversity Center" since it has roughly one-fifth of the country's total flora. The forest also contains a valuable resource of around 500 medicinal plant species. Fortunately, this is where visitors may observe "Sao la" (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis), a type of antelope that only exists in Vietnam. It was first discovered in 1992, and seems to be one of the world's rarest mammals.


In terms of activities, Bach Ma will not let tourists down in the slightest. To discover the magnificence of Bach Ma's flora and fauna, visitors can camp, trek, rappel, or simply wander around the jungle. Adventurers can abseil down the upper section of the Do Quyen Waterfall (Rhododendrun Waterfall) for an exhilarating experience. Alternatively, visitors can stroll down to the bottom of the waterfall and spend more time swimming in the stream to get a better perspective of the entire spectacular scene.

Bach Ma is a true heaven on earth for environmental lovers, especially birdwatchers. The park's 358 bird species account for more than a third of Vietnam's bird species, including the magnificent crested argus pheasant and the stubborn Edwards' pheasant (the park's symbol) — both of which have been unseen and assumed to be extinct for more than 50 years. Many different bird species, such as pigeons, bulbuls, malkohas, crow pheasant, herons, and egrets, can be seen, but parakeets, kingfishers, and jungle fowl are also worth seeing.


The greatest time to visit Bach Ma National Park is in February, when the famed red Rhododendron simsii blooms along little streams and, especially, at the base of the Rhododendron cascade. The climate is great for this time of year, with dry weather and pleasant temperatures. In addition, from June to August, summer is the peak tourism season as people seek to escape the heat.

Tourists can drive from Hue City to Bach Ma National Park by taking National Highway 1A for about 40 kilometers. Next to Cau Hai Market is a little road that leads to the National Park. Bach Ma's main entrance is only 3 kilometers away.

Bach Ma National Park tours are available from both Hue and Danang.

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