Tan Chau Black Silk Weaving Village

Tan Chau silk is known for its softness, hardness, extended wearability, and high absorbency of natural silk. All Tan Chau silk garments provide comfort, cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter. Tan Chau silk is rightfully known as the "Queen" of silk. Tan Chau silk village in An Giang is known not only for its stories and ruins, but also for its illustrious past as a distinctive craft community.




In fact, all of the resources used to make Tan Chau silk are made by locals. They raise silkworms in shrubbery and establish the mac nua (D. mollis) tree for its fruit, which is used to make dye. To create a unit of Tan Chau silk, the artisans must invest a significant amount of time and effort in a variety of processes. To begin the silk selection process, the weaver must choose a nice sort of silk to compress, grip on the loom, and then weave the pattern. After the weaving is completed, the weaver begins the dyeing process. The big and immature mac nua fruits are chosen (the ripe ones are not ideal since they lack resin), kneaded well in a mortar or crushing machine, and then dissolved in water, resulting in a lovely golden liquid that will turn black when exposed to air and temperature. This liquid is filtered to remove any remaining residue before being used for dying.




Dyeing silk is the most crucial and time-consuming step in the process, as it requires soaking silk in dye a hundred times to ensure that each silk thread absorbs the same amount of colour. After each soaking period, folks must delicately squeeze the silk with their hands before hanging it out. They must choose a suitable bright day to dry the silk. They must get 4 units of sunshine every day when drying. The quality of silk will deteriorate if it is exposed to rain or mild sunlight. After around 40-45 days of dyeing and drying, the product is put through a new procedure, resulting in gorgeous clothing that people admire and applaud for their sparkling beauty.




Tan Chau silk costs a lot since it takes a long time and a lot of effort to make. This type of product was no longer suitable for people's daily needs in the 1960s and 1970s, and it gradually faded away. The internal market rejected it due to its high cost, while the exterior market rejected it due to its hue.

However, in recent years, due to a common development and fashion trend that leads to high-quality items that represent cultural characteristics, the Tan Chau silk brand has begun to be recovered and reclaimed its rightful place. Tan Chau silk craftsmen have discovered alternative dyeing techniques to generate diverse colors, satisfying the customer's requirements, which are becoming more varied day by day, in addition to the typical black hue of natural dye from mac nua fruit. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a well-known craft hamlet to resurrect its prosperous past.

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