Truong Tien Bridge of Hue

Truong Tien Bridge (also called Trang Tien Bridge), a symbol of Hue Imperial City, spans romantic Perfume River. It was built in 1897 with Gothic architecture by Gustav Eiffel, who also designed famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Truong Tien Bridge has been accompanying the Hue people to witness the ups and downs of history. Since its construction until now, the bridge has had many different names corresponding to each historical period, such as: Thanh Thai (name of the King of the Nguyen Dynasty), Clémenceau (French Prime Minister's name), and Nguyen Hoang are some of the names given to the Truong Tien Bridge (The Nguyen Lord). It was conceived and erected in 1897 by Gustave Eiffel (well known for the Eiffel Tower in Paris). In 1899, the Truong Tien Bridge was finished. It is the first bridge that spans the Huong River between two banks. The Truong Tien Bridge is 402.60 meters long and 5.40 meters wide, with six steel haft moon girders.


Since 1899, Hue residents have witnessed this bridge collapse into the Huong River three times. This bridge was damaged by a storm in 1904, but it was reconstructed and the surface was changed from wood to reinforced concrete in 1906. A section of the bridge collapsed into the Huong River in 1946 as a result of the Vietnam-France war, but it was reconstructed in 1953. In 1968, the Truong Tien Bridge was again devastated by fighting, and it wasn't reconstructed until 1991, when Vietnam obtained independence. The bridge was narrowed, the balconies were removed, and the color was altered from metallic to gray during this renovation.


The Truong Tien Bridge has had a beautiful lighting system installed to attract more people since the Hue Festival in 2002. The Truong Tien Bridge with other famous Hue attractions inspires numerous poets and writers due to its rich history and natural beauty.

Although there are two more bridges that span the Huong River nowadays: Phu Xuan Bridge (1970) and Da Vien Bridge (2012), the Truong Tien bridge will continue to play a vital function as a hyphen between the past and the future, as well as being a famous tourist destination in Hue. The river reflects the bridge arch spans, coupled with drifting boats, red phoenix flowers, and females walking on the bridge with Ao Dai... Hue will always be a wonderful sight. If you get the chance to visit Hue Imperial Citadel, you should do so to see the Truong Tien Bridge.

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