Ca Mau Cape – The Southernmost Point on Land of Vietnam

Ca Mau Cape is located in Dat Mui Hamlet, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District. The cape's tip is oddly formed, and it's speeding out of the West Sea (Gulf of Thailand) at 50 to 80 meters per year. On the mainland of Vietnam's fatherland, this is considered the southernmost point. There is a pentagram numbered GPS 0001 on the national landmark. The coordinates for the Ca Mau Cape symbol are 8037'30" North latitude and 104043' East longitude.


Ca Mau Cape has long been a symbol of Vietnamese national sovereignty in the thoughts of the Vietnamese people. The only site on the mainland where you can see the sun rise over the sea from the east in the morning and set into the sea from the west in the afternoon is Ca Mau Cape. Ca Mau Cape is bordered on all sides by shallow water. The seawater only floods about 1 meter at the highest tide. Mudflats are visible at low tide, reaching for kilometers out to sea. The sedimentation (Bai Boi dune) stretches across tens of thousands of hectares along the West-South coast of Ca Mau province, where two ocean currents, North-South and West-South, meet, with two modes of diurnal and semi-diurnal tide.


Ca Mau Cape is part of the Ca Mau Cape National Park, which covers over 42,000 hectares of inland and shoal. The Nam Can mangrove forest and the magnificent Khai Long beach are both nearby. Ca Mau Cape is surrounded by typical and diverse natural vegetation and fauna. Fish, shrimp, crab, oysters, mud clamps, snails, and other animals are among the animals. Plants include "mam," "mangrove," "vet," "coc," and "ban" trees, among others. In terms of sea penetration, the "mam" tree is a pioneer species. Mangrove species follow this to restrict land and alluvial alluvium at Ca Mau Cape from expanding out to sea.


Ca Mau Cape has a cultural park on the island of Ca Mau. Tourists can visit the sacred national landmark, the Thuy Ta restaurant, to enjoy fresh seafood dishes typical of Dat Mui, the 20.5 meter high Vong Lam Dai, to broaden their eyes and feel the majestic beauty of the country at the first wave place, visit a wartime model of forest villages, where "every drop can be saved, eat avicenniaceae fruit due to hunger" of coastal residents of Rach Goc, Tan An, and visit the wartime model of forest villages.

The lush, majestic Hon Khoai Island appears in the huge sea from Ca Mau Cape, which overlooks the East Sea. When domestic and foreign tourists arrive in Ca Mau, few do not want to visit Dat Mui at least once.

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