Thu Le Park & Zoo

Thu Le Park, or Thu Le Zoo, sometimes known as the Hanoi Zoo, is a popular destination for families, particularly those with small children.


Thu Le Park was built on May 19, 1975, and opened to the general public two years later. Most Hanoi residents, particularly youngsters, are familiar with Thu Le Park, which is also known as Thu Le Zoo. Green Park, a zoo, and an amusement park are all part of the park complex.

Thu Le Zoo, which spans 29 hectares and is surrounded by lush green grasslands and an exquisite assortment of trees, small plants, and flowers, is a perfect location for a walking tour. As a result, the park provides visitors with a pleasant view, as well as fresh air and beautiful scenery. Many photographers use the site as a source of inspiration as well.


Today, the zoo has 40 animal homes with over 600 animals representing over 100 species, thanks to its five exhibition sections. Among them, the Vietnam Red Book lists 40 species, many of which were gifts from Europe, Africa, America, and Australia. Indo-Chinese tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, and hippos are among the unique creatures protected here.

Visitors can participate in more strenuous outdoor activities in the park in addition to viewing the beauty and animals. The most intriguing one is swan boating along the 6 hectares of lakes, where you may spend the most romantic time with your lover.


When their parents suggest a trip to Thu Le Park, all the children will scream with delight since there are so many fun games to play there, such as a high-speed train, bubble houses, and rollerblading.

The best time to visit Thu Le Zoo is in the afternoon when the sun is about to set during the summer. The rationale for this is that the animals here are more likely to go out sunning in the summer, and the afternoon should be excellent for avoiding the hot sun. However, as is usual for a zoo, one disadvantage of the park is that it is a little smelly.


How to get to Thu Le Park & Zoo

Traveling to the end of Kim Ma Road, directly beside the iconic Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, is the only way to access Thu Le Park. Both of the park's gates, one on Kim Ma Street and the other on Buoi Road, can be used to enter the park. The best modes of transportation are taxis and motorcycles, but bus No. 9 is also an option.

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