Saigon River – the Heart of Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon River is known as the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. It has been traveling with the Saigonese through all of the city's ups and downs. Learning about the Saigon River's crucial role in the development of Ho Chi Minh City and Southern Vietnam in general also means that tourists are learning about an important part of the city. The interesting activities to do along the Saigon River will be passionate tourists.


Saigon River's Overview

The Saigon River is a well-known tourist destination in Vietnam's south. It is regarded as the city's historic testimony, having accompanied the city through conflicts, observed the city's growth from the past to the present, delivered advantages to the city and its residents, and beautified the city to aid tourism development.

It is vital to the growth of Ho Chi Minh City in particular, as well as Southern Vietnam as a whole. From upstream to the Can Gio Gate, the river is 256 kilometers long, with an 80-kilometer stretch running through Ho Chi Minh City.

When transportation was not as convenient as it is now, the river was an important conduit for connecting the two ends of the city. The river is ideal for small ships, boats, and yachts to operate, with a depth of 20 meters at its deepest point and a width ranging from 225 meters to 370 meters. It used to be the principal route for barges or small ships transporting harvested natural materials from Southern Vietnam to French large ships in the East Sea.


Saigon River's History

The Saigon River is an important aspect of Ho Chi Minh City's growth; it is always a partner of the city.

In the seventeenth century, the only method to get to Saigon, then known as Gia Dinh, was to sail up the Saigon River. The Vietnamese government, then known as the Nguyen Dynasty, wanted to promote and develop trade in Gia Dinh. Gia Dinh became one of Vietnam's most important trade ports. From other provinces, the river becomes a vital route to Saigon.

From the eighteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century, the Saigon River was at its pinnacle. Hundreds of ships from China, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Portugal docked in Saigon, stopping to load up on Vietnamese agricultural supplies and silks. Nha Rong Port was created by the French and became an important stop on the trade routes from Europe to Asia.


Saigon River Activities

Dinner on cruise

Saigon is a city that never sleeps because of its vibrant nightlife. A dinner cruise on Saigon should be on your list of must-do items when you're in Saigon and seeking a location to eat good meals in a romantic setting. At night, Saigon boasts a plethora of cruises that serve cuisine. You can admire the beauty of the city at night while eating great dishes from Vietnam and other nations. Traditional music and dance will be performed during the cruise. Saigon is not the same as it was back in the day. The city is illuminated by a dazzling array of neon signs: restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, and high-rise skyscrapers. High towers and skyscrapers sparkle like giant candles under the black night sky.

Saigon River Tour

Joining a boat tour on the Saigon River is one of the most exciting things to do. For anyone in the city, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can see the entire city from the boat, and travel from the suburbs to the city. Large fields, little historic cottages in fishing villages along the river, floating markets on the river, and the city center with skyscrapers, parks, riverside cafés, and entertainment centers modify the panorama on both banks. Ferries from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau, the Cu Chi tunnel, and the Can Gio Mangrove Forest are among the most popular tours on the Saigon river. These tours will include stops at a pagoda, handicraft centers, a fish farm, and an ancient residence.

Take the water bus on Saigon River

Taking a water bus is not only a fun way to get around Saigon, but it's also a unique way to explore the city. You will be able to take in the gorgeous surroundings while you travel by bus. Because the ticket is inexpensive, it is a popular choice among travelers. On the water bus (Thu Duc District), there are five stops: Bach Dang (District 1), Thanh Da (Binh Thanh District), Binh An (District 2), Linh Dong (Thu Duc District), and Hiep Binh Chanh (Thu Duc District).

At Nha Rong Port, visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum

Another tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City is Nha Rong Port, which is located on the Saigon River's bank. The harbor was where President Ho Chi Minh set out on the Admiral Latouche-Tréville in search of a new path to liberate the country. A museum inside the port welcomes many people interested in learning more about the president's life through photos, books, and relics. For the Vietnamese, the riverside port has become a hallowed icon.

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