Trang An Picturesque Landscape Complex

Trang An scenic landscape complex consists of a wide system of unique caves, many limestone mountains, the natural beauty of forest and rivers, and a combination of green mountains and blue water. It's also known as a "outdoor geological museum" or "Halong Bay on Land". Trang An - UNESCO World Heritage Site was recognized in 2014.


Trang An is a scenic landscape complex surrounded by limestone mountains, lakes, caverns, and a diverse ecology with hundreds of species. The Trang An region's crust has a geologic history of 245 million years, including six strata from the Triassic and Quaternary periods.

Trang An landscape complex covers 1,961 hectares and includes 48 grottoes and caves, 31 valleys, and the sacred cultural area of Bai Dinh Pagoda. Tourists can utilize the mountains as walls, rivers as highways, and caverns as palaces while cruising throughout the area. This is a fantastic excursion to see the natural scenery of Trang An, which includes craggy limestone cliffs, crazily flooded valleys, and a large system of intriguing caverns.


Boat rides are available in Trang An to allow visitors to explore the maze-like aquatic cave system, which is known as the "single aquatic cave system" in the Northern Delta region of Vietnam. The caverns, which have been molded into an endless variety of geological forms and range in length from dozens to hundreds of meters, are linked by 31 "thung" passages (lakes). Dark (Toi) cave, Three Drops (Ba Giot) cave, Light (Sang) cave, Brewing Win (Nau Ruou) cave, Si cave, Sinh cave, Dia Linh cave, Ao Trai cave, and others are among the caves that are distinguished from one another by their own particular beauty or a fairy story attached.

There are also several historical relics from the Dinh, Le, and Ly dynasties pertaining to economics, social, architecture, and military history. Many valleys may be found, including May Valley, Khong Valley, Nau Ruou Valley, and Tran Temple Valley.


Trang An, according to data, over 310 kinds of higher plants, as well as numerous algae and fungus, can be found in an eco-tourism complex. There are some rare woods and a large number of important trees that are used for food and medicine. There are also roughly 30 mammalian species, 50 bird species, dozens of reptile species, and several uncommon animals such as the chamois, leopard, and phoenix...

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