Thanh Toan Tiled Bridge in Hue

The tile-roofed bridge of Thanh Toan is a historic and cultural relic of ancient architecture in Hue. It is one of the few bridges in Vietnam with significant artistic merit.

The Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge was built over a part of the Nhu Y river that runs through Thanh Toan village, roughly 8 kilometers to the south east of Thuy Thanh commune in Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien Hue province (which was renamed as Thanh Thuy village under Thieu Tri's reign). The village of Thanh Thuy was established in the late sixteenth century. The first patriarchs were from Thanh Hoa province, who came to recover the village after God Nguyen Hoang. Ms. Tran Thi Dao, a niece of the Tran family's sixth generation, paid for the bridge with her own money.


The Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge was built in the "Thuong gia, ha kieu" (home above, bridge below) architectural style. The bridge is 18,75 meters in length and 5,82 meters in width. On two sides, there are rows of wooden platforms and railings where tourists can take a break. The Thanh Toan tile-covered bridge is roofed and separated into seven sections, with 18 ironwood pillars supporting it. First and foremost, Ms. Tran Thi Dao is worshipped in the central compartment. The tile-roofed bridge in Thanh Toan has been restored multiple times (1847, 1906, 1956, 1971). Although the construction materials were changed somewhat, the architecture stayed the same.


Aside from visiting the bridge, guests may notice a small local market selling a variety of delectable dishes such as rice noodles, Hue beef noodles, Hen fish, and other delicacies. Tourists can also visit the Thanh Toan agriculture museum, which houses rice mills, harrows, sickles, plows, and scoops, among other agricultural implements.


A number of festivals have been held to honor the bridge's simplicity and honesty, as well as the residents, who have vividly depicted the rural marketplaces. Local women, dressed in lovely long gowns, present and introduce products, artifacts, and handicrafts in traditional marketplaces.

The tile-roofed bridge of Thanh Toan was designated as a national relic on On July 14th, 1990. It is a historic and cultural treasure. It is one of Vietnam's few bridges with significant artistic merit.

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