Cai Be Ancient Floating Market

Cai Be Floating Market dates back to the Nguyen Dynasty. This location was once renowned as the cargo transfer point between the Western and Eastern provinces when it was initially established. Cai Be Floating Market, located in Cai Be township, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province, has grown to become one of the largest wholesale markets in the Southeast area.


The market is located along the Tien River, which runs through three provinces: Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Ben Tre. The most attractive part of the market is when the boats are full of things for sale, such as fabric, fish sauce, salt, or traditional foods like Hu Tieu (seasoned and sautéed beef noodles), Banh Canh (rice spaghetti), and so on. Many types of fruits, in particular, are traded aboard boats that extend for kilometers along Tan Phong Island.


Tourists who visit this location will become familiar with the term "chuc" for calculating ("chuc" means ten (10) in English, but "chuc" means a dozen (12) in this location). Tourists, in particular, will be startled by the manner in which the dealers here promote themselves. They hang the things to be sold on a bamboo pole known as "Cay Beo" so that potential customers may see them from afar. These distinguishing characteristics have attracted a large number of tourists to the Cai Be Floating Market. Tourists flock to the market to take in the bustling scene while relaxing on a boat, taking in the views of Cai Be streets mirrored in the river.


Tan Phong Island, formerly known as Cu Island in Dinh Vien, Long Ho, is a group of six small islands with a total area of 2,430 acres located on the right bank of the Cai Be Floating Market. Tan Phong Island, a blue jewel in the midst of the Tien River, is known for its large, sweet-tasting rambutans and Gao snails, which are exclusively found on Tan Phong Island. This is the delta's truncated appearance, which is very appealing to tourists because of the unique qualities of the garden area. Many people from all over the world come here to bathe on the island, especially on May 5th, the lunar May 5th.

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