Tourism Village of Binh Quoi

Binh Quoi Tourism Village, Ho Chi Minh City's (Saigon's) largest resort with its own unique beauty, is located on the Thanh Da peninsula along the Saigon River, 8 kilometers from the city center. With its spacious rural setting, tropical greenery, crystal blue lakes, and thatched roofs, the community attracts crowds of tourists.


Binh Quoi Tourism Village Overview

The Binh Quoi Tourism Village is divided into three sections: Binh Quoi 1 offers a variety of interesting and entertaining activities; Binh Quoi 2 is totally dedicated to sports and related activities; and Binh Quoi 3 is a tranquil, rustic paradise where visitors can stroll at their leisure or enjoy a picnic lunch by the river. Tourists from all over the world come here to experience a day in the life of a Southern Vietnamese villager. While everything in the village has been precisely created to maintain the original rural charm, it appears to be a fairy tale or a magnificent film set where the lives of the inhabitants are brought to life with every detail meticulously added. Visitors to Binh Quoi Village are astounded to discover themselves in a serene, relaxing setting within a short distance of the bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Binh Quoi is a nature park in the Mekong Delta that has been created to look like a traditional Mekong Delta village. It evokes the way rural Vietnamese people lived in the last century. It is a beautiful setting with various attractions that are ideal for weekend getaways.


Binh Quoi Tourism Village Services & Activities

In the village, which is nestled between large trees by the river, there are 55 modern-equipped bedrooms. Big parties can be held at the village restaurant, which serves famous grilled foods and Vietnamese traditional specialties. In the evenings, there are wonderful traditional music shows, such as the "Ky Yen Festival," "Southern amateur singing on Ghe Hau," and "Traditional Vietnamese Wedding." Such shows draw a large number of tourists from both the United States and other countries. You can also do water skiing, fishing, swimming, tennis, and a variety of other activities. You can take a boat ride along the Saigon River from Binh Quoi to the Ben Duoc Underground Tunnel, the Lai Thieu Fruit Gardens, and back to Nha Rong Harbour.

Address: Thanh Da Peninsula, Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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