Hanoi Old Quarter Zone

Ancient beauty and bustling but gentle atmosphere are the most highlights of Hanoi Old Quarter. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hanoi, where visitors may learn more about Hanoians' culture, customs, and traditions. Let's come to see how special and unique it is.


Hanoi Old Quarter is noted for its historic beauty as well as its hectic but peaceful ambiance. You might get lost if you come here because there are so many little, winding streets with different names. Hang Bac Street, Hang Ma Street, Cau Go Street, Hang Luoc Street, Hang Gia Street, Hang Trong Street, Hang Be Street, Hang Dao Street... The old-style streets, as well as the traditional things sold here, are the main attractions.


Hanoi, with its 36 streets, is a must-see on your visit to Hanoi. When visiting the Old Quarter, don't miss the opportunity to see the many pagodas and temples that this historic city has to offer. Some of the temples and pagodas you can visit are: Bach Ma Temple, Dinh Huong Temple, Nam Huong Temple, Cau Dong Temple, Phu Ung Pagoda, Ngoc Son Temple, and Hoe Nhai Pagoda. There are also several unique and must-do things in the Old Quarter that you should not miss, such as watching a water puppet show, walking through Dong Xuan Market, and drinking Bia Hoi at Ta Hien.

When you visit the Old Quarter late at night, you will notice the bustle and rush, since there are many people roaming around. All of the coffee shops and Bia Hoi Corners are packed with individuals sitting on plastic chairs, discussing various topics in their lives.


Another thing you should not miss in Hanoi is trying traditional dishes. Pho, banh cuon, bun cha, xoi, and banh cuon are among the Old Quarter's classic foods. These are the most well-known and unique foods in Hanoi, which are liked by all visitors. Finally, don't forget to pick up some souvenirs for gifts in the Old Quarter, where traditional items are available.

Have you been to Hanoi before? If so, let us pay a visit to this unique and magnificent city and immerse ourselves in the ancient Hanoi Old Quarter.

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