Thien Ha (Galaxy) Cavern

Thien Ha cave is known as a galaxy in the heart of mountain and prehistoric castle. The cave is located in the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, in Dong Tam village, Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district (Ninh Binh). Along with Thien Thanh cave, these are two extremely valuable natural heritages in Ninh Binh.


Thien Ha cave includes a dry cave and a water cave, located in Tuong mountain nearly 200m high (in the Trang An range). Previously, this was the guard post to protect the southwest of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital under the reign of King Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh. Thien Ha Cave, located near historical and cultural relics such as Le Boat Wharf, Dau Linh field, and Phat Dau Son mountain, is a place associated with Vietnam's 10th century history.


Dry Thien Ha Cave – prehistoric castle: with a length of about 700m, it has the beauty of a charming painting. The cave was discovered in 2007. After a long time, the cave entrance was buried under covered trees. To get to the cave, from Tho Ha village, you will have to take a boat for nearly 1km on the winding Ben Dang river. Arriving at the marina, guests have to walk another 500m along the foot of Tuong mountain. This trail is covered with shaded trees on both sides. Visitors seem to be lost in the wild jungle.


Entering the dry gate of Thien Ha cave, visitors are not surprised by the unreal beauty of the stalactite world, before they see a light from the skylight above, expanding the space and sight. The dry cave is about 200m long, more than 40m wide, where there are not only colorful, diverse, vivid, shimmering, fanciful stalactites, but also a "stone castle" with stories such as: dragon scrolls sitting tiger, monkey, fox…


Also in the dry Thien Ha cave, archaeologists have discovered many mollusks such as mountain snails, oil clams, etc. These are traces left by ancient Viet residents. Many vestiges of tools made from cobblestone to be hewn, rough pottery, soft ceramic bones, etc. are also found here. This shows that the cultural layer is preserved almost intact in Thien Ha cave with a vivid picture of the life of the ancient Viet people, the adaptation and creativity of cultural residents from the sea-advanced period through the ancient times to the period of the sea receding in the Neolithic era in Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex.


Water Thien Ha Cave – Galaxy: about 500m long, it is likened to a "galaxy in the heart of the mountain" with a river winding around layers of shimmering stalactites. Following the winding, endlessly drawn galaxy, leading to the islands of Hoa Tien, Mother's Milk, Fish turns Dragon... are all stories like a fairy place in the middle of the world.

After surveying and researching at Thien Ha cave, American experts assessed that the stalactite system in Thien Ha cave is still alive and in the process of development, unlike stalactites in many other caves in the area of Ninh Binh province.

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