Hoan Kiem Lake (Restored Sword Lake)

Hoan Kiem Lake is regarded as Hanoi's heart, as well as the capital's most attractive sight. Hoan Kiem Lake, also known as Sword Lake (Hồ Gươm), has been identified with the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people as well as the formation and historical development of Vietnam. Looking down from above on the lake, which appears to be a gigantic mirror with green water.




Because the water is green all year, Hoan Kiem Lake was once known as Luc Thuy Lake (Green Water Lake). From the 15th century, it was known as Hoan Kiem Lake, with the legend of "The Golden Turtle Claim Sword." According to legend, King Le Thai To was gifted a valuable fairy sword by the Golden Turtle God during the struggle against the Minh aggressors (1417–1427). The King finally beat the Chinese and restored the country's independence after a ten-year struggle. After that, while kayaking on Luc Thuy Lake on a beautiful day, a big turtle approached him. It promptly submerged after grabbing the blade with its mouth. He knew that the sword had been lent to him by God to drive back the enemy, but now that his country was free, he had to return it. As a result, King Le Thai To christened the lake Hoan Kiem, or Returned Sword Lake.




The lake is also associated with well-known architectural achievements such as the Tortoise Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, and Huc Bridge. The Turtle Tower stands in the middle of the lake to remind the Vietnamese people of the Turtle God's amazing aid. Furthermore, the red Huc Bridge, which literally means "where the sun's light is absorbed," curves like a shrimp and leads to Ngoc Son Temple. Turtle Island and Ngoc Island, where Ngoc Son Temple is located, are two small islands in Hoan Kiem Lake. Nguyen Van Sieu restored the Ngoc Son Temple on Ngoc Island in 1865. He created a brush tower on the Ngoc Boi Mountain, and on the tower were three words: "Ta Thien Thanh," meaning "write on the blue sky." Today, that tower is known as "But Tower."




Hoan Kiem Lake boasts a variety of colors throughout the year: green in the spring, red in the summer, yellow in the fall, and silver in the winter. The weather is pleasant in the spring. The trees burst forth from their buds. It is hot in the summer, although Hoan Kiem Lake is cooler. Red flowers blossom on the showy trees. Many people flock to witness the blooming Barringtonia acutangula trees in June. The leaves become a beautiful yellow color in the autumn, giving Hoan Kiem Lake a serene appeal. The weather is brutally chilly in the winter. Hoan Kiem Lake's natural beauty is enhanced by the presence of bare trees.




Around Hoan Kiem Lake, you can participate in a variety of activities. Many folks come here early in the morning to practice their morning exercises and breathe fresh air. An Australian prime minister enjoyed early morning jogging around the lake during one of the high-profile meetings in Hanoi. In the afternoon, many colorful garments and shoes will captivate you in the ancient quarter. Aside from that, the aroma of street cuisine entices you. Because of the decorative lights on the trees around the lake, Hoan Kiem Lake has a more dazzling beauty in the evening when the lights are turned on. Many couples walk side by side along the lake, holding hands.

You can relax on one of the stone benches and take in the vista while chatting with some locals. Hoan Kiem Lake is worth seeing at various times of the day and throughout the year.

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