Ta Van Hamlet

Ta Van Village, located at the base of a mountain, is about 7 kilometers from Sapa town. Beautiful rice paddies and a natural ecosystem surround the settlement, which is shrouded in fog. Ta Van Town is a neighborhood village in Sapa that you don't want to miss out on because of its stunning views and cultural experience.


Ta Van Village is home to 110 ethnic families, the majority of which are Black H'Mong, who have lived here for centuries. The village is home to two significant ethnic groups: the Giay and the Dao. You will encounter the Giay settlement shortly after crossing the wooden bridge over the Muong Hoa water stream, which connects Ta Van to the rest of the world. If you visit in mid-November or December (October in the Lunar calendar), the Giay wedding season, which includes traditional wedding customs, will be a wonderful addition to your visit. The Dao settlement, on the other hand, is a little higher up on the hill. This community's major source of income is farming, with some tourism service thrown in for good measure.


The entire trip to roam around the Ta Van village and participate in various local activities takes only one day. Many people, however, would choose to stay overnight at Ta Van's homestay to completely experience the authentic essence, thanks to the village's exciting nightlife. Despite the fact that power is available, the locals do not rely on it heavily. They go farming in the morning and return at nightfall, leaving the evening free for entertainment. As a result, while it may be rather peaceful during the day, the night is completely different, with an extremely busy musical entertainment routine.


The villagers normally like to gather around a large campfire for fan dancing, multi-bamboo flute dancing, and bamboo dancing, and they always welcome visitors to join in. The home-cooked cuisine from the homestay's garden is arguably the best part of the Ta Van hiking tour. All of the food is fresh and delicious, not to mention the excellent complimentary drink, corn wine.

Many basic and primitive homestays are interspersed among the locals' dwellings. The Giay ethnic community inhabits Ta Van, which contains many ancient ground-level dwellings. Because Ta Van is also a well-known tourist area, finding a Ta Van homestay is simple.


In Ta Van village, you will be completely immersed in nature, listening to the murmuring stream, the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, and discovering the Giay ethnic people's traditional cultural aspects. Enjoy a simple yet tasty lunch made with veggies, fish, pigs, and chickens raised by locals.

Only tiny cars and bicycles may pass along the route leading to Ta Van. To appreciate the beautiful way and blend in with nature, you should ride a motorcycle. If you're not used to riding a bike, though, the road may become slick and risky to ride. Another safe alternative for getting to Ta Van is to take a taxi.

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