Son Tra Peninsula of Danang

Son Tra Peninsula, which lies 10 kilometers to the northeast of Da Nang City's core and rises 693 meters above sea level, is visible from everywhere in the city. Son Tra has the appearance of a mushroom, with Son Tra Mountain as the cap and a lovely sandy beach as the stalk. This makes Son Tra the perfect place for bathing, playing sports, swimming, and fishing. When traveling in Da Nang, Vietnam, the Son Tra Peninsula is a fantastic location to check out. The Son Tra peninsula is a prehistoric forest with stunning scenery and the highest diversity of ecosystems in the world, and it is situated in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.


Son Tra used to be an island made up of three tall mountains. The development of the Son Tra Peninsula was caused by the long-term consolidation of alluvial material into a sequence of land masses spanning from the mainland to the island. The Tien Sa mountain, another name for the Son Tra peninsula, refers to a folktale that says the region attracted fairies from heaven.

When American troops were installing radar units on Son Tra mountain in 1965, they came across a lot of monkeys and gave the mountain the moniker "Monkey Mountain." While visiting the Son Tra peninsula, you should pay a visit to places like Linh Ung Pagoda, Ban Co Top (Chessboard Top), the Ancient Banyan Tree, and Tien Sa beach.


The Linh Ung Pagoda is situated on Bai But on the Son Tra Peninsula, 18 kilometers from Da Nang's city center. The exquisite and intricate architectural installations that can be seen from Linh Ung Pagoda are well-known for this place. Additionally, the mountain known as Chessboard Top is well-known for its stone monument of a lone god playing chess on a chessboard.

Tien Sa beach is a lovely place with a brilliant blue sea, sunshine, and stunning mountain views. The ascent of this mountain is really stunning, filled with lush vegetation, undeveloped natural vistas, and a surreal sea outlook. Additionally, there are other activities to partake in, including sunbathing, coral diving, sampling local seafood dishes, and viewing red-shanked douc monkeys.


Visitors have two options for getting to this magnificent peninsula: either they fly, train, or take a bus there on their own, or they join a tour. The greatest months to visit are from March to September, when the weather is perfect and there are hardly any storms.

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