Kenh Ga Fishing Village & Hot Spring

Kenh Ga fishing village and Kenh Ga hot mineral spring is 100km from Hanoi and 25km from Ninh Binh city. Sailing on Hoang Long river with immense waves, mountains and rivers harmonizing, watching peaceful and bustling scenery on the wharf under the boat at the confluence of rivers, visitors will have the opportunity to feel the peace. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the riverside parish with church bells and hymns resounding every sunset afternoon.


Kenh Ga Fishing Village: mix between the past and the present, between legends and the rhythm of everyday life, makes this riverside village more alluring. In recent years, Kenh Ga has become a highlight in the Ninh Binh tourism picture. Legend has it that Zen Master Nguyen Minh Khong came and stopped at this hot mineral spring to cook chicken. Since then, people in the region from generation to generation often say that Minh Khong stream boiled to cook chicken meat, also known as Canh Ga (chicken soup) stream, later changed to Kenh Ga (or Am Cave, Lo Soi). There are people who believe that on the mountain (at the location of Kenh Ga village) there is a rock rising high in the shape of a rooster pecking at a handful of sticky rice, so the villagers call Kenh Ga village.


Below is a canal that is not understood as natural or man-made, forming two junctions about 300m apart. At Kenh Ga intersection, there is a mountain called Co Ngua mountain associated with the legend of the tomb of Dinh Tien Emperor's father drifted there. Along the length of the two banks of the river are the roofs of the fishermen's houses, whose lives have been closely associated with the river industry for generations. People here from all over the place have gathered for a long time and have built a hamlet to form a fishing village along the river. With faith in Christianity, they have formed a residential area, living a good life and making important contributions in the process of fighting, protecting, and building Ninh Binh homeland.


Kenh Ga Hot Spring: the special thing that attracts tourists when coming to Kenh Ga is the unspoiled natural scenery, rustic, honest, simple people and the magic of the hot mineral water here. Kenh Ga hot mineral spring flows from Hang Ca mountain, located near the confluence of Kenh Ga River, Lang River and Boi River, where the Hoang Long River originates. This is one of the most precious open-air hot mineral springs that nature has bestowed on Kenh Ga land and people. This miraculous hot water source is also a strong link to the lives of the parishioners along the river here. They often come here to get drinking water, bathing water and consider this a priceless gift that God has given to the people of the Christian village.


Despite experiencing many ups and downs of time, the change of history, this clear hot water with a salty taste has not stopped flowing. In the early 40s of the last century, the French began to explore and research the potential of the Kenh Ga hot spring area. Since then, Kenh Ga has become more and more known as a stream of water with medical power. Kenh Ga hot mineral water contains a lot of sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium chloride, and bicarbonate salts. The stable temperature all year round is 53oC, which is very good for health, especially stimulating digestion, curing diseases of the joints, cardiovascular, etc.

With the advantages of nature and human brains, Kenh Ga fishing village & Kenh Ga hot spring have become and will become a unique and ideal countryside tourist destination for tourists coming to this place.

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