Cat Cat Village of Sapa Town

Cat Cat Village is a well-known destination for both domestic and international visitors. It is situated in the Muong Hoa Valley and is only a 2 km walk from Sapa Center.


Cat Cat village is home to an ancient H'Mong community with unique customs and practices that are uncommon in other communities. Since the mid-nineteenth century, Cat Cat has been a division that has grouped minorities living along the slope, each dwelling a few dozen meters apart. On the hillsides, people cultivate and farm. On the terraced fields, they manually grow rice, corn, potatoes, and cassava.

When we visit Cat Cat village, we will get the opportunity to see a large waterfall in the stream as well as an antique hydroelectric power station built by the French.


The fact that many original distinctive practices, such as "steal or pull a wife," still exist in Cat Cat village distinguishes it from other ethnic communities in Sapa. When tourists go on village trekking excursions, they are regularly told about this peculiar custom: when a man falls in love with a girl, his friends and he arrange to "pull" her to his house and detain her for three days. After that, if the girl agrees to be his wife, they will marry; if she does not, they will drink a bowl of alcohol together, and everything will return to normal.


In addition, typical H'Mong houses in Cat Cat hamlet have three rooms, each with three doors, and a po mu wood roof. There are three columns in the home, all of which are made of round or square stones. Sawn timber is used to construct the walls. The main door is constantly shut and only opens when the residents of the house plan major festivities. The house must have an altar, an inlaid floor housing food, bed quarters, a kitchen, and a space to receive visitors.


Furthermore, H'mong women employ plants and leaves to color these brocade fabrics, making their craft traditions one-of-a-kind. Then they polish the fabrics using a round and smooth section of wood wrapped in wax, making the colors last longer.

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