Bac Ha Fair Market in Sapa

Every Sunday, the Bac Ha market is known for the traders' dedication to maintaining the market's originality and authenticity. Bac Ha is a distant area of Lao Cai province, located around 76 kilometers from the train station. Booking a van or trip from Sapa, which is around 3 hours away, is the best method to go to Bac Ha market.


Bac Ha Market is more than just a place to buy and sell; it is also a chance for people of many ethnicities to interact, for relatives to reconcile after a long absence, for ladies to display their exquisite handcrafted traditional costumes, and even for young people to find dates. Many ethnic sellers must walk a long way to reach the market, passing across highlands and hills. Despite the distance, they have never shied away from attending the vibrant Sunday market.


The main area of the Bac Ha market, where trading occurs, is divided into smaller sections, each specializing in a specific product such as handicrafts, food, horses, poultry, and blacksmithing. Each has a unique quality that makes it worthwhile to join. Bac Ha can be a pleasant area to get away from the tourist crowds in Sapa, or simply a place to take unusual images if you want to get away from the tourist crowds in Sapa. The vast majority of travelers obtain return tickets to Bac Ha by contacting one of the many tour firms in Sapa or Lao Cai. Tours to Sapa from Hanoi may or may not include a visit to the Bac Ha market, so inquire ahead of time. These tour companies' buses are of significantly superior quality, but at a little greater cost. Even after major repairs, the route is twisty and hard, so it's worth the investment.

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