Le Dai Hanh King Temple

King Le Dai Hanh was a national hero, famous general, and an effective arm of King Dinh Tien Hoang in the process of suppressing the 12 warlords and reunifying the country. When he was on the throne, he was instrumental in maintaining the country's independence and sovereignty, inaugurating the southern advance, expanding the territory, consolidating internal politics and diplomacy, and bringing Dai Co Viet's position to a new step up.




Phan Huy Chu, a prominent messenger of the Nguyen Dynasty, in the work "Lich Trieu Hien Chuong Loai Chi" evaluated Le Hoan as follows: "The king destroyed the Tong, Chiem made both Hoa Ha and Man Di scared. China has ordained and praised the king several times, making the king's reputation famous. Talking about governing the country, the king always takes care of the needs of the people, devotes himself to politics, and focuses on agriculture, being careful with borders, legal regulations, recruiting people to be soldiers, and even changing and dividing towns ... ".




Le Dai Hanh King Temple is about 300m north of Dinh Tien Hoang King Temple, has the style of "Noi Cong, Ngoai Quoc. The entrance is shaped like the word "Vuong" like the Dinh Tien Hoang King Temple, but with different details. The outermost is the stone collapse, then Nghi Mon Ngoai (outer door); inside, along the main road, on the left side is Tu Vu worshiping Confucius. Through the two pillars is the Dragon Yard. In the middle of the Dragon Yard is a stone Long Sang. Around there are flagpoles, eight weapons, and big texts during festivals, symbolizing the hierarchy of martial arts officials, symbolizing court rituals.




Le Dai Hanh King Temple has three courts: the worship hall, the burning incense, and the main palace. At Bai Duong, there are pairs of "Ivory beams" like "Goose neck beams" in Dinh Tien Hoang King Temple; On the main street, there is a painting of "Truong Xuan Linh Tich" (Sacred vestige of Truong Xuan Palace), a painting of the royal horizontal board on the left with the word "Xuat thanh minh" (Appearance of saint), on the right there is a picture of a horizontal board "Duong Than Vu" (Rise up strongly like a god). The incense burning court worships the mandarins and public servants of the Le Dynasty. The main palace worships King Le Dai Hanh, Queen Mother Duong Van Nga and King Le Long Dinh. Statue of King Le Dai Hanh, wearing a hat of Binh Thien, with the word "king", wearing a long collar shirt, majestic martial appearance. The statue of Queen Duong Van Nga has a bright jade face, bearing the image of a Guanyin Buddha. The statues above were carved at the same time as the statue of King Dinh Tien Hoang in the Later Le Dynasty, all made of wood, painted with silver paint.




In terms of sculpture, the Le Dai Hanh King Temple still retains many sculptures from the Later Le period, such as: dragon-tiger reunion, lotus pond, fish turning into dragons, bamboo turning dragons, fairies riding dragons, fairies standing next to dragons... Also, the topic "Fish" turned dragon, but here the carp have been localized as perch. The head of the fish has turned into a dragon's head, the body is a fish body, the scales are sparkling, the tail is squeezed up. Perhaps the folk artist carved the body of the fish clearly in the shape of a perch to emphasize the local "specialty" here. In the past, Truong Yen was a low-lying field, a limestone mountain with many caves, so there were a lot of fish, especially big and fat perch.

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