Mua Cave (Dance Cave)

Mua Cave (Dance Cave) is a spectacular place to climb and conquer with 486 challenging steps. From the Mua Cave area opens with a breathtaking view of the Tam Coc scenic landscape, standing on the top of Mua mountain to feel the majesty of Ninh Binh's natural beauty in particular and Vietnam in general.




Mua Cave is situated at Mua Mountain's base. It's around 800m2 broad and shaped like a huge bell face turned upside down. The white stone steps rising to the top of the mountain may be seen clearly from the bottom of the mountain, as well as the distant stairs linking the miniature Van Ly Tuong Thanh. Extensive stone carvings with dragons or phoenixes cut into the image of Tran art, very sharp and beautiful, can be found on both sides of the stairwell.




A legend says that every time King Tran was back in Hoa Lu, Am Thai Vi was one of the usual places he went to listen to beautiful women sing and dance. As a result, this location is known as Dance Cave.

To get Mua Cave, take Highway 1A to Ninh Binh City, then turn right towards Trang An or Tam Coc and look for the Hang Mua tourist area sign. You'll pass through villages, waterways, rice fields, rivers, and breathtaking mountains along the trip.




The road to the peak of Mua Mountain was built with 486 stairs in accordance with the architecture of Van Ly Truong Thanh. From here you can see the entire landscape of the Tam Coc area, Ninh Binh's famed picturesque site. The view from the summit of Dance Mountain is breathtaking. The whole perspective of a huge rice field from each small matched field is scaled into view. The river's current fluttered the boat down from the mountain's peak like leaves drifting on the lake. The "golden season" picture of the ripe rice fields mixed with the immature green water in May and June, when Tam Coc is in the ripe rice season, the natural scenery may be called lovely.




Mua Cave, unlike other popular tourist destinations, offers a charming, tranquil cultural beauty that is rarely found anywhere. The guest services here are put into action early, and they are orderly and clear, with no jostling or winning delegations. The music and dance shows in this attraction, which recreate the scenery of ancient rulers, are one of the distinctive highlights for preserving the country's thousand-year tradition.

Mua Cave is a must-visit place on the way to discovering the best Attractions in Ninh Binh. Climbing up the mountains, you will see the whole territory of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, and a spectacular natural view appear in front of you. Only then do you realize why the capital of ancient Vietnam used to be this place.

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