Thanh Ha Pottery Village of Hoi An

The pottery-making industry in Thanh Ha Village, which has its roots in Thanh Hoa Province, has acquired some Quang Nam Province-original techniques, and as a result, even though it still uses clay and relies on manual labor and kiln heat, its products are now distinct from all others in Vietnam. Their items' uniqueness can be found in their color, robustness, lightness, and embellishment.


Even though the area has gone through many changes in time, economic hardships, and foreign competition, the locals are constantly working to preserve a traditional vocation that they have received from their ancestors.

The community has quietly provided essential goods for daily life, including cups, bowls, pots, jars, and flower pots, to society for years. Pink, pink, yellow, crimson, light brown, and ink-black are just a few of the color variations that can be achieved depending on the burning period and kiln temperature.


Their products' durability is practically at the top of the list when compared to others in the nation, and their brightness is similar to enamel thanks to a unique method of processing soil and a mixture of subsequent manipulations. Additionally, compared to other ceramics, this is lighter. When the product is knocked, a mild, clear sound with an echo can be heard.

Some items are available upon request or are used to plant potted plants, orchids, or both. They are embellished with elegant yet straightforward sink and float scenes.


The Nguyen Dynasty Court in Hue has previously invited Thanh Ha Pottery artisans to produce unique goods for events held at the imperial palace. They were assigned to the same eight or nine Mandarin grades as Kim Bong's woodworkers.

Thanh Ha pottery has continued to be sold in recent years, both domestically and occasionally abroad (Canada, America, France). In addition to pottery, Thanh Ha Village is well-known for its bricks and tiles. The Hoi An Ancient City has received double, zigzag, and tubular tiles from it in the past for the restoration and adornment of historical sites throughout the city.

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