Silk Village of Van Phuc

Van Phuc silk village, which has been around for over 1,200 years, is known for its traditional weaving and high-quality silk items. Van Phuc is about 15 kilometers southwest of Hanoi's Old Quarter, on the banks of the Nhue River.


Van Phuc is claimed to be the most historic silk village in Vietnam, with a history dating back over 1,200 years. The typical manner of a historic hamlet in the north of Vietnam, with a banyan tree, well, common house, and the sound of power-looms everywhere, would impress visitors to Van Phuc village. Tourists walking down the main street in Van Phuc will be lost in the world of silk, with shirts, ties, crafts, costumes, and other silk products available in the town.

Silk was once regarded as an exceedingly valuable handicraft that was exclusively used to tailor the clothing of royal members and nobility. Many Vietnamese poems, songs, and films have been inspired by the unique beauty of Van Phuc or Ha Dong silk (see The White Silk Dress, one of the 5 most outstanding Vietnamese movies).


The Van Phuc silk was carried to the imperial stronghold of Hue during the Nguyen dynasty to be used in the creation of royal garments. The Van Phuc silk was initially displayed at international exhibitions in Marseille and Paris between 1931 and 1932, and was well regarded and preferred by the French. Van Phuc silk was largely exported to Eastern European markets from 1958 to 1988, and since 1990, it has become well-known in various regions around the world.

Silk from Van Phuc is noted for its silky smoothness, light weight, and exquisite appearance. Van Silk, a traditional type of silk created in Van Phuc, makes the wearer feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Van Phuc silk producers have increased their silk and garment goods such as embroidered silk, wrinkled silk, multiple layers, and more colors for silk items to meet varied market demands.


Many families in Van Phuc operate their own stores on the village's main road, resulting in a "town of silk" selling eye-catching and high-quality silk products. Tourists can choose from a variety of wonderful souvenirs and clothing at the shop, or they can choose from a variety of materials to create personalized products. The merchants are quite pleasant and can talk with foreign travelers in English and French.

Despite the fact that the weaving has been mechanized for increased efficiency, there are still modest manual looms in some of the village's homes, allowing travelers to see how silk is still made in the traditional Vietnamese style.


How to get to Van Phuc Silk Village

Tourists can join a tour to Van Phuc village offered by travel agencies, or drive, ride a motorcycle, or take the local buses 02 and 21 and walk 500 meters to reach the village on their own. Tourists should travel south west on Nguyen Trai Road until they reach the Ha Dong district boundary, then turn right and drive about 3 kilometers to the village.

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