Red Kingdom of Mekong Delta

Mang Thit pottery brick village, aka the Red Kingdom of the Mekong Delta region, is located on the picturesque Co Chien river and has an incredibly striking red color in the center of the river. The village runs for more than 30 kilometers in Vinh Long city, Long Ho and Mang Thit districts. Each kiln roof and brick row merges in with the river's natural surroundings, giving this a one-of-a-kind check-in location.


Visitors to Mang Thit pottery brick village will be able to see all of the phases of manufacturing fine art ceramic objects firsthand, including selecting clay, kneading the earth, placing it in a molding mold, drying it in the sun, placing it in a furnace, and burning it. Kiln: According to the elders here, each house had numerous kilns in the past, when the old craft of brick production was still thriving. From afar, the brick kilns are close together, giving the impression of a "red kingdom" with hundreds of miniature castles.


Making bricks was a common practice in this area from the beginning. With abundant soil resources, a huge amount of alluvium from the Cuu Long stream has accumulated over many years, forming valuable clay deposits. Since then, Vinh Long residents have masterfully kneaded and transformed them into one-of-a-kind bricks and ceramic goods since then.

Unglazed pottery is a distinctive feature of the ceramic tile profession in Vinh Long. Rice husk, a common product in wet rice fields, is used as a fuel. Furthermore, because of the alum contamination of this unique red clay, when burnt, Vinh Long red pottery frequently exhibits white alum veins.


The shape of Vinh Long's Mang Thit pottery brick village is comparable to that of other areas in the West. These brick kilns have an "orange mushroom" architecture. On both sides are chimneys, and above is a big opening that looks like a skylight. These kilns are similarly made of bricks, with hundreds of thousands of bricks stacked on top of each other.

Vinh Long's Mang Thit brick kiln is similar in shape to those seen in other parts of the Mekong Delta. The architecture of these brick kilns is reminiscent of an "orange mushroom." There are chimneys on both sides, and a large opening above that appears to be a skylight. These kilns, too, are constructed of bricks, with hundreds of thousands of bricks stacked on top of one another.

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