Sapa Market – the biggest market in Sapa

Sapa market is not only a regular shopping place, but also a meeting and communication place for ethnic minority people in the Sapa town area. Hundreds of Hmong and Red Dao people dressed in colorful traditional garb line the streets of Sapa center early in the morning on their way to Sapa market. The traditional Sunday market, which is active until late afternoon, is a great place to socialize and unwind after a long day at work.




Sapa market is in the middle of Sapa town, a short walk from the Sapa Stone Church, which was built by the French in the early twentieth century.

Both indoor and outdoor space are available at the Sapa market. While outdoors, booths sell flowers, fresh vegetables, groceries, and meals. On the second story, small workshops sell ethnic fabrics.




At Sapa market, tourists will see kiosks full of mountain fruits such as peaches, apricots, pears, and plums once they enter the market gate. It's a wonderful idea to get some fruits for the dinner dessert or to enjoy on the journey. Tourists can find trinkets (ethnic silver jewelry), medical herbs, and local items that are good for health, such as forest honey, notosingeng, and ganoderma, by stopping by the right-hand side stalls.

The second level of Sapa market is a must-see for those charmed by the colorful costumes of Sapa's H'Mong and Dao people and seeking authentic ethnic clothing. The indigenous people have created a variety of embroidered skirts, handbags, blankets, pillow shams, and table covers with distinctive patterns. Ethnic women selling brocades in this city speak English fluently.




When visiting Sapa market early in the morning, visitors will notice a large number of locals congregating at food stalls to eat their favorite meals of "steamed corn wheat" (mèn mén), "horse soup" (thắng cố), and corn wine. These are the locals' traditional foods and beverages in Sapa, and they are a must-try for any tourists who visit.

Sapa market is a weekly market that only opens on Sunday. As a result, tourists should visit the market early on Sunday mornings and share a substantial breakfast with the residents.

Sapa market, which is located directly in the middle of the town, near Sapa church, is only a few minutes away for tourists staying in Sapa town.

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