XQ Historical Embroidery Village

Nha Trang XQ Historical Village is a hand-embroidered village with a unique closed technology process that has introduced high-art Vietnamese traditional hand-embroidered pictures imbued with national identities to Tran Phu Street in Nha Trang. For many years, the Nha Trang XQ Historical Village has been a cultural center and a popular tourist destination.


Tourists who visit the Nha Trang XQ Historical Village are on tours organized by tourist businesses or are referred by tour guides or friends. The calm atmosphere, with the paintings, poems, and drawings, all nicely organized in harmony with the light and colors, has a profound effect on the audience. Fine embroidery paintings with themes of motherland, flowers, scenery, or people have a profound effect on the audience. That could be the memory of a long-forgotten childhood... Tourists from all around the world can partake in the emotion of admiration for the craftsmen's talent. Aside from technique and expertise, they appear to inject their emotions into their work.


When you arrive at the Nha Trang XQ Historical Village, you will be greeted by girls dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothes known as "ao dai," served aromatic cups of tea, and given a guided tour. The first location is a lovely and shaded poetry garden, or garden of creation. Here you can relax and enjoy a wide selection of aromatic teas in a peaceful environment, allowing you to better appreciate the beauty of the works of art. Visitors will next be led to a place of devotion dedicated to people like Queen Nam Phuong, Queen Mother Doan Huy Hoang, and Gentleman Le Cong Hanh, who have made significant contributions to the development of embroidery.


After learning about the history of embroidery, you can visit an artist's studio to learn about the various phases involved in creating a broidery painting. Visitors are also introduced to an important stage: image evaluation by a Nha Trang XQ Historical Village assessment board to see if they meet the technical and artistic requirements for granting a certificate to that picture. Each work of art includes information on the craftsmen who created it as well as the length of time it took to create it, so that viewers can learn more about the images and discover the spiritual significance hidden within them.

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