Promontory of Hon Chong

The Hon Chong Promontory is one of Nha Trang's most well-known attractions, having the ideal combination of rocky mountains and lovely coastline. When you visit Hon Chong Promontory, you will not only be able to take in the natural beauty, but you will also hear fascinating anecdotes about Hon Chong's mythology.


Hon Chong, located 3.5 kilometers north of Nha Trang City, is made up of two gigantic groups of massive boulders that lie by the sea at the foot of La San Hill, with disorderly laying rocks caused by tide erosion. Hon Chong refers to a large series of rocks off the coast, with the Chong Rock consisting of a square-shaped block resting on a flatter and larger one.

Hon Chong's huge bounders are combined in such an unbalanced position that anyone looking at them for the first time is taken aback. The boulders pile up one by one, supporting and opposing each other at the same time. The largest one is the size of a small hill, and it serves as the foundation for another massive boulder with a peak the size of a home. A handprint with five fingers may be seen from the sea, which continues to perplex and captivate visitors, historians, and scientists alike.


According to folklore, once upon a time, a big fish swallowed the bait and dragged a giant man away when he was fishing there. With a fishing rod in one hand and the other against the enormous boulder, he attempted to draw himself back, leaving the readily visible imprints. Several rocks lie oddly on the rocky terrain, such as two rocks standing upright with another enormous rock lying between them, like a big stone gate to another group of rocks. The second set of rocks resembles a woman sitting in front of the water. Hon Vo, the wife, is the name, and it has a similar connotation to Hon Chong, the husband.


Hon Chong Promontory's beach has lately been investigated for tourism development. Tourists who wanted to visit here in the past had to climb high hills and trek around. Tran Phu Street has now been extended all the way to the top of La San Hill. Tourists will visit Hon Chong, which runs along the shore to the northeast of the city core. The path to Hon Chong is now truly magical, with one side of water with endlessly stretched golden sands and the other side of gorgeous architectural works always bustling with passersby.To keep tourists entertained, many tour companies have created team activities including rocks, slopes, and beaches. The Hon Chong Promontory is also a popular destination for nature lovers who want to take in the breathtaking scenery.

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