Lotus Seed Sweet Soup of Hue

Hue lotus seed sweet soup wrapped in longan is well-known not only in Hue, but also around Vietnam. The scent of lotus seeds and the gentle sweetness of longan may linger in the minds of guests long after they have tasted the meal. Fresh lotus seeds are used in the Hue lotus sweet soup.


The Hue immersed dry lotus seeds in chilly water after washing them. Burnt rice husk water or other liquids are rarely used to soak lotus seeds. Lotus seeds are steamed before being fried with white refined sugar or alum sugar, as Hue people are scared of losing the natural smell. It's time to finish the meal once the lotus seeds have been sweetened. The cook should keep an eye on the heat, gently mix the food, and cook it to perfection. The unique smell of the lotus seed is lost when it is overdone. If the lotus seed isn't fully cooked, it won't be as aromatic as it should be. There are no man-made compounds that can substitute the natural lotus flavor.


The best kind of Hue lotus sweet soup is made with lotus seeds and longan. The dish's immaculate color comes from ivory-colored lotus seeds and crystal white longan. Cooked lotus seeds wrapped in soft, crispy longan may appeal to a wide range of guests. The greatest Hue lotus seed sweet soup is produced using longan grown in the Imperial City and lotus seeds cultivated in Tinh Tam lake.

Longan-wrapped lotus seeds of Hue are boiled in sugar water or cooled in alum sugar water. The aromas of lotus seed, longan, and alum sugar combine to make a delicious dish. If you visit Hue, don't miss out on the delicious sweet soup.

Leading Lotus Seed Sweet Soup addresses in Hue:

Che Ty – 45 Tran Phu street
Royaltea Vietnam – 45 Le Loi street
Mo Ton Dich stalls – Dong Ba market gate
Alley Eatery – 01 Kiet 29 Hung Vuong street
Trang Tien Bridge area – At the foot of Trang Tien bridge on Le Loi street (Park 3-2)

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