Tre – A must-try rustic dish of Hue

Tre is one of Hue's specialties, like the fermented pork of the South, but has a very different taste. Tre Hue consists of two types of pork and beef, each delicious in a very Hue style.


Tre, fermented pork (nem), and Vietnamese sausage (cha) are all made from ingredients of animal origin that are meat and skin of cows or pigs and are wrapped in banana leaves. However, Hue has a different way of making spring rolls and rolls. The ingredients for making bamboo are diverse, combined with many different spices. Tasty Tre has pork, beef or pork skin. Meat is usually chosen as the first type of meat, then cleaned and boiled. In addition, the special attraction of the dish is the seasoning. It is made with braised fish sauce, chili powder, fresh chili, roasted sesame, and sliced galangal. In particular, rice is indispensable. It helps to make the dish more fleshy and delicious. It will be mixed well and wrapped into small curls quite similar to fermented pork (nem) and Vietnamese sausage (cha). Tre will be wrapped in banana leaves on the outside.


The dish is usually pinkish red or slightly white depending on the seasoning. The taste of Tre is also quite special. It's not too sour like fermented pork (nem) or sweet like Vietnamese sausage (cha). The smell of Tre is a bit pungent but pleasant because the main seasoning of Tre is almost only paprika and galangal and the crunchiness of the meat.


Tre Hue, crispy, chewy and chewy, is most prominent in its characteristic spicy taste, but it is delicious but creates a feeling of craving when you have just finished eating and want to eat more. Tre Hue is just a rustic dish, but it has a special taste and has won the hearts of many people.

Leading Tre shops in Hue:

Ba Ky shop – 03 Dao Duy Tu street
Dong Ba shop – 25 Dao Duy Tu street
Hao Hao shop – near the fork of Dong Ba Bridge and Dao Duy Tu street

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