Kim Son sticky rice wine

Kim Son sticky rice wine is a branded wine, once nominated for the record "Top 10 most famous wine specialties in Vietnam". As soon as we opened the cork, we immediately felt the special attractiveness of the sweetness of newly sticky rice aroma, spreading throughout the room. The wings of the nose suddenly seem to expand, rise and fall to enjoy the passionate, cool and seductive scent of the countryside.


The spicy, numbing taste at the tip of the tongue and tingling in the palate when enjoying Kim Son wine makes us feel lightheaded, ecstatic and soaring. Drinking Kim Son wine even though we were drunk, our heads didn't hurt and we didn't feel dizzy. The aromatic glaze keeps entwining tangerines, passionately pulling us into the party. All the flavors that we feel are only seen in the most obvious expression in Kim Son wine, a southeastern coastal district of Ninh Binh province.

Kim Son wine is the name of a wine produced in the Kim Son coastal district in Ninh Binh province. Kim Son wine usually has a high concentration, transparency, and the larger the foam, the higher the alcohol level. Previously, the wine was stored in clay jars and dried banana leaf buttons. Kim Son wine, when drinking felt very fragrant and mellow. A characteristic of wine is that the older it is, the better it tastes. Especially, Kim Son wine has a very good effect on health when it is soaked with snakes, geckos, starfish, etc. Along with the Kim Son emigrants, Kim Son wine has traveled to many regions of Vietnam. Today, Kim Son wine has been bottled and sold in the market.


Kim Son is the only coastal district of Ninh Binh province. This is one of the first localities in the country to achieve a rice yield of 5 tons/ha (together with Hai Hau of Nam Dinh and Tien Hai of Thai Binh). These places are located in the biosphere reserve of the Red River Delta, so they are rich in natural resources such as seafood and food. These are newly reclaimed lands that have encroached upon the sea. That feature has produced and stimulated the development of winemaking into traditional craft villages. Currently, there are many craft villages specializing in winemaking in Kim Son such as Hoa Lac, Ung Luat, etc., but the most famous is still making wine in Lai Thanh commune.

The harvested glutinous rice is dried, cleaned and put in a jar to preserve wine. If the wine is made from sticky rice, it is called Chiem wine and if the wine is cooked from rice, it is called Seasonal wine. Wine yeast is made by local families with long experience, so it is very fragrant and dry. To have precious yeast, people put in it some medicinal herbs that have the effect of blood ventilation and bactericidal. To get good wine, brewers must have long-term experience, especially in preserving and aging wine in different weather and environmental conditions. The characteristics of the water source for brewing and winemaking are also an important factor in determining the deliciousness of the wine. A pot of wine, depending on whether it is on a large or small scale, can give from 5 to 11 liters of wine.


But to have a special, delicious wine with a unique taste is not only necessary, but more importantly, it is necessary to have people who love the job and are skillful at brewing and selling wine. The girls of Phat Diem (Kim Son town) have white, smooth skin, especially the eyes that are like the eyes of Maria Mother, which are deeply dreamy and captivate the guests. Among them were people selling alcohol everywhere. Their greetings are also sweet and sweet like wine, humming like bells and never understood here, people often re-read a verse that sometimes sounds like an oath "to be faithful to... wine": If the sky, the water, and the mountains still exist,And if you still sell alcohol, I am still drunk!

It can be said that Kim Son wine has contributed to attracting more culinary art with many famous specialties of the place of its origin, which are shrimp salad, Nhech fish salad, boiled crab, black tiger shrimp ... And in turn, the above specialties are close friends, companions, and honor Kim Son wine.

Leading addresses for Kim Son Wine (ruou Kim Son) in Ninh Binh:

The Original: Lai Thanh Wine Village in Lai Thanh commune, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province
Duc De Restaurant – No 29, Lane 458, Nguyen Hue Road, Nam Binh Ward, Ninh Binh City
Tam Gia Trang Restaurant – 12 Trang An 2 road, Tan Thanh ward, Ninh Binh city
Binh Minh Restaurant – 15 Trang An 2 road, Tan Thanh ward, Ninh Binh city

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