Bánh Khoái (Vietnamese Pancake) in Hue

Bánh Khoái (Vietnamese pancake) is one of the famous and delicious cakes in Hue. This is a popular snack food for locals and tourists, not to be missed when coming to the Ancient Capital.




Bánh Khoái or Banh Khoai, someone calls Happy Cake is a special fried cake from Hue, the ancient capital. The method of making is similar to Southern pancakes, but the shape of the cake is different. Banh Khoai is round in the form of a pouring mold (small cast iron pan, flat bottom, 15cm in diameter, about 2-3cm high). While Banh Khoai is poured into a thin, wide round layer, once golden brown, it is folded into a semicircle to cover the inside. The cake is served with raw vegetables and a dipping sauce or fish sauce with lemon, garlic, and diluted chili.




The filling of the cake consists of river shrimp, raw ham, chicken eggs, and pork belly, just something anyone can imitate. Cake flour is mixed in the right ratio so that when rolling the cake, it is both crispy, fragrant and flexible. Banh Khoai is also delicious thanks to the secret of mixing flour and broth made from more than 10 spices: soy sauce, peanuts, sesame, liver, pork, broth... creating a thick sauce that diners come to visit. Hue could not help but whisper about the ingenuity and sophistication of the chef.




When finished frying, the Banh Khoai is golden in color, folded in half and placed on a white, smoky porcelain plate. There is more green of lettuce, herbs, white of bean sprouts, creamy yellow of figs, and yellow of sweet star fruit. It is so beautiful. Biting a piece, the cake is crispy and melts in the mouth. Diners can feel the fat, sweet, fleshy, sour, acrid... so Happy as the cake's name.

Leading Bánh Khoái (Banh Khoai) eateries in Hue:

Banh Khoai Hanh – 11 Pho Duc Chinh street
Banh Khoai Thu Suong – 86 Kim Long street
Banh Khoai chi Hoa – 27 Mai Thuc Loan street
Banh Khoai Lac Thien – 06 Dinh Tien Hoang street
Banh Khoai Hong Mai – 78 Dinh Tien Hoang street

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