Ninh Binh Eel Vermicelli Soup

Ninh Binh, the ancient capital, is a peaceful land with beautiful landscapes, impressive landscapes, and a unique cuisine. Among the famous dishes, Ninh Binh eel vermicelli soup (mien luon) is rustic but brings an unforgettable taste to visitors.


About the Ninh Binh eel vermicelli (glass noodle) dish:

It is also only made from vermicelli and eel like other places in Vietnam, but the traditional eel vermicelli in Ninh Binh is outstandingly delicious and different because the broth is made from eel bones, so when eating, you can feel the rich taste, the broth. The opaque color is due to the careful stewing of eel bones, so there is also eel meat in it. Eel meat is processed according to its own recipe, so when eating, the eel is fragrant, sweet, without any fishy smell.


Prepare the ingredients for making Ninh Binh eel vermicelli:

To get a good bowl of eel vermicelli, the hardest thing is how to choose high quality eel. The selected eel must be of moderate size (luon com). The eel is a bit small, but it looks fat and healthy. The back is pinkish brown, the belly is yellow. After choosing the best eels, making eels is also very important, taking a lot of time. You need to clean the eel to make sure there is no slime, cut the eel carefully to remove the intestines, and make sure the body of the eel is not crushed. After evisceration, the eel must be marinated meticulously at the right time to bring out the best taste.


Stew broth for Ninh Binh eel vermicelli:

The secret to creating a separate brand for Ninh Binh eel vermicelli is the pot of broth. The broth that wants to be delicious must be cooked from the eel bones. After filtering the meat, the eel bones are not thrown away but put in the broth, stewed with the bones for a long time, continuously skimming so that the water retains its clarity as well as the fat. Thanks to that, when the bowl of eel is brought out, the broth is dark brown, thick and extremely delicious and mouth-watering.


Enjoy Ninh Binh eel vermicelli:

Another difference is that Ninh Binh eel vermicelli is also served with banana flowers, sliced ​​fresh and some other vegetables. In addition, the vermicelli also needs to choose the type that is made from pure, edible canna root with small, even and transparent fibers. The edible canna vermicelli is washed briefly with boiling water, then dipped into the pot of water for the vermicelli to bloom, imbued with the rich aroma of the broth, and then put it in a bowl.

The chewy vermicelli, the small but very firm and fragrant piece of eel meat, the rich broth, and the aroma of banana flowers will make you remember this idyllic but loving gift forever. In addition to eel vermicelli, shops often sell sliced rice paper with anabas soup, which are equally delicious.

Leading Eel Vermicelli (Mien luon) restaurants in Ninh Binh:

The Original: Mien Luon Ba Phan – 995 Trang Hung Dao road, Thanh Binh ward, Ninh Binh city
Mien Luon Tam Beo – 260 Ngo Gia Tu road, Van Giang ward, Ninh Binh city
Mien Luon Dung Thanh – 999 Trang Hung Doa road, Van Giang ward, Ninh Binh city
Mien Luon Huyen Duyen – 02 road of 447, Co Loan Ha village, Ninh Tien commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province

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