Sour Shrimp – A Special Dish of Hue

Sour shrimp is one of the most special dishes in Hue cuisine. Almost all travelers from far and wide who come to this Central country may be astonished when they first see and enjoy the sour shrimp.


The fresh and eye-catching color of Hue sour shrimp may impress guests at first glance. Some people may even be perplexed as to how to eat this well-known dish. It is recommended that diners take their time and observe how their hosts enjoy this delectable delicacy. Although it is not overly difficult, guests should follow the instructions attentively to get the most out of the dish. When customers taste the sour shrimp, they will beg for more.


Fresh shrimp from brackish water areas, particularly Cau Hai, must be used to make "genuine" sour shrimp. The shrimp chosen must be of similar size. The cook begins by removing the heads of the shrimp. The shrimp are then rinsed and marinated in wine for a short time. Following that, the shrimp are dried and blended with spices like galangal, sliced garlic, sliced chilies, thin strips of young bamboo shoots, fish sauce, and sticky rice. Galangal, out of all of these spices, is the most vital. The best way to ferment shrimp is in a terra-cotta pot. Sour shrimp are fermented and then combined with a little honey. Add extra galangal if desired, and store in glass or plastic jars. Diners can enjoy a variety of hues (white, yellow, pink, red, etc.) and flavors in each jar of sour shrimp (sweetness, bitterness, sourness, pungency, etc.). The peculiar flavor of sour shrimp comes from the harmonic balance of colors and tastes. All of the flavors combine to create an enticing aroma. Shrimp are fermented for 7-10 days in a clean, cool environment. Some people even bury the pot to make the fermenting process more favorable. The shrimp taste better when the temperature is consistent.


Sour shrimp is at its best when paired with sliced side pork and fresh vegetables (green bananas, star fruits, cinnamon, and chilies). Sour shrimp is a colorful and flavorful combination that diners will not soon forget. When eating the sour shrimp, people who aren't from Hue can't help but feel homesick. It reminds them of their native village, which is known for its unique cuisine and severe weather.

Despite the fact that Hue sour shrimp can be created by Hue natives residing in other parts of Vietnam, the sour shrimp made in Hue is the greatest. Locals in Hue, particularly Vietnamese living abroad, never forget to recommend this rustic specialty.

Leading Sour Shrimp shops in Hue:

Co Ri shop – 184 Tang Bat Ho street
Tan Loc shop – 39 Hai Ba Trung street
Trong Tin shop – 21 Dang Tran Con street
Nhat Phi shop – 57 Dinh Cong Trang street
Dong Ba market – 02 Tran Hung Dao street

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