Banh Cuon (Hanoi Steamed Rice Rolls)

Hanoi, with its many delectable cuisines, never fails to entice guests from all over the world. The Ha Thanh (a different name of Hanoi) land features, in particular, have a distinct flavor, as do the Banh Cuon (steamed rice rolls). This meal is popular not just in Hanoi but also in many other provinces. However, Hanoi remains the most distinctive and distinctive characteristic.




Banh Cuon overview

When and where did steamed rice rolls first appear, and where did they originate? It's called "Banh Cuon" (steamed rice rolls) in Hanoi because it's steamed rice with a layer of wood-ear mushrooms, minced beef, a few extra onions, and fish sauce, and it's eaten with sausages. Steamed rice rolls, also known as wet pork pies in Hue, are aromatic yellow rolls coated in a fragrant broth (soy sauce). By joining us, you will learn how to make delicious Banh Cuon.

Banh Cuon making process

Banh Cuon can be found on the street, in markets, and in back alleys in Hanoi. However, in order to correctly eat this dish, you must have knowledge and awareness.

Banh Cuon has a rice-coated boiler with the aroma of rice wafting from the stove. The shopkeeper scoops up the dough, spreads it all over the cloth, and covers it with a small lid. The cake's surface bulges, and the cake is ready to eat.




When it comes to making cakes, you should use a good type of rice, such as non-sticky rice, to ensure a satisfying result. The rice you've chosen is then reground to a fine, silky texture. It must be ground the night before and soaked in water. The water was emptied the next morning, leaving the bread soft, smooth, and wonderful.

It's critical to choose rice with flour that's thin and smooth if you want thin and smooth cakes. Many restaurants' cakes are often hard because the dough is overly thick and the bread is often hard. If the dough is too tough to thin, make a thick paste and gradually mix until the cake is soft. Place the dough in a bowl and let it sit aside to ripen. Honeycomb charcoal is difficult to make, but the heat stove will be ideal. When the cooked bread is opened, a thin layer of rice-like paper is lifted out, and the contents are stuffed in the middle and rolled up, equally arranged on the plate. The aroma of pork rice blended with that of dry, scattered onions, and the rolls were uniformly distributed. Some guests claim to be addicted to the rolls, which are both delicious and convenient to have in the morning, and that they must consume them three times a week. A delightful cake is baked with cheaper country rice found on the street, which has the correct rice flavor and aroma. Ca Cuong essential oil is harder to come by these days than it was in ancient times, so it has lost some of its perfume. Hanoi's steamed rice buns are a popular delicacy that is both delicious and simple to prepare.




Enjoy Banh Cuon

The dipping sauce is also good, not too sour, not too salty, and a little sweet with sugar and a little spicy with pepper, while the steamed rice rolls are soft and pleasant. Customers can squeeze additional blueberries or add a little fresh chili to their liking, and the vegetables are likewise fresh and clean. The steamed rice rolls are thin and shiny, revealing the entire layer of beef, shiitake mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms inside, followed by some non-dried aromatic onions.

The hot and scented rice aroma includes soft, chewy cakes with a little aromatic yellow onion when the steamed rice rolls are spread out. Diners get increasingly enthralled by a bowl of amber sauce with a hint of heat and a few slices of fried greens topped with coriander and mint. If you visit Hanoi, you must try this iconic dish.

Leading Banh Cuon Eateries in Hanoi:

Banh Cuon Ba Xuan – 16 Hoe Nhai street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi
Bun Cuon Thanh Van – 12 Hang Ga street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
Banh Cuon Quang An – 71 Hang Bo street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
Banh Cuon Phuong – 16 Dao Duy Tu street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi
Banh Cuon Ba Hanh – 26B Tho Xuong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

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