Com Hen (Mussel Rice) of Hue

Referring to Hue food, people think about Com Hen (Mussel Rice), one of the best Hue cuisines. Com Hen is a popular and inexpensive speciality meal, but its exceptional texture and flavor could not be kept hidden for long by people with a taste for fine food.


Com Hen has a sweet, buttery, salty, sour, and peppery-hot flavor with hints of rice and onion. This unique cuisine has a long history, is simple to prepare, and tastes fantastic. As a result, when visiting Hue, Vietnam's old citadel, it is always appealing to many foreign tourists.


Com Hen has a difficult recipe that calls for fifteen distinct ingredients, including mussels, peanuts, white sesames, watery grease, fried grease, dry pancake, banana trunk, banana flower, salted shredded pork, chilli sauce, peppermint, salad, sour carambola, seasoned vegetables, and more. These components combine to provide a particular sweetness balance.


The significant effort to adopt and process the main component – mussel – reveals what makes this simple type of dish so popular. Mussels are sea creatures that must be immersed in water for an extended period of time before being processed. As a result, many people believe that mussel cooked rice somehow expresses the maker's hard labor.

It's simple because Com Hen is popular in Hue and, increasingly, in Hue restaurants throughout Vietnam. Moreover, it is a low-cost specialty, so you may eat it in upscale restaurants in Hue or even on the streets in roving mobile stores.

Leading Com Hen (Mussel Rice) restaurants in Hue:

Com Hen – 17 Han Mac Tu street
Com Hen Hoa Dong – 64/7 Ung Binh street
Com Hen Truong Dinh – 02 Truong Dinh street

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