9 Best Restaurants in Ninh Binh

Sampling special local food at the top restaurants in Ninh Binh is indispensable when visiting the land of the ancient capital. Here are the 9 best restaurants that are rated as the best in Ninh Binh that you should visit if you have the opportunity to stop by.

1. Trung Tuyet Restaurant – 14 Hoang Hoa Tham


Trung Tuyet Ninh Binh restaurant is not only a familiar address to the people here but also an unforgettable destination for most tourists traveling to Ninh Binh. Here, diners not only enjoy delicious and new dishes but also enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the restaurant. Moreover, with the spacious, airy space and cool and pleasant air, it will bring diners great moments of eating and resting.

The restaurant's menu is very diverse, from rice dishes and family soups to specialties such as mountain goat meat, scorched rice, cool fish, etc. All of them are meticulously processed through the skillful hands of the chefs. restaurant genius. The service staff here are also very professional and enthusiastic. This is also a big plus point that makes diners very often visit the restaurant.

2. Tam Gia Trang – 12 Trang An 2


Tam Gia Trang restaurant is a familiar address for Ninh Binh people, and tourists also often come to enjoy the excellent food and specialties of the ancient capital. This restaurant makes visitors crazy with an extremely rich menu, from popular dishes to scrumptious specialties that can only be found in Ninh Binh.

Moreover, the price here is very affordable, not as tight as in other places, so you can enjoy it without worrying about your pocket. The most delicious dishes are made from eels, such as eel vermicelli soup, fried eels with chili pepper, grilled eels, eel porridge, vermicelli, etc. Besides, the design of the space is spacious and airy, with extremely beautiful decorations that impress the guests. In addition, the service attitude of the restaurant staff is also highly appreciated by diners.

3. Mrs. Phan’s eel vermicelli eatery – 995 Tran Hung Dao


Ba Phan eel vermicelli is located at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and the city center, so visitors will not have too much difficulty finding it. This is a popular destination not only for locals but also for tourists from all over the world to enjoy authentic Ninh Binh eel vermicelli soup. This brand of Mrs. Phan's eel vermicelli has been famous throughout the ancient capital since 1960. Before she passed away, she passed the profession on to her three sons, opening three restaurants adjacent to each other, becoming an indispensable address for the restaurant. When visiting here, gourmet diners are welcome.

In addition to choosing fresh eel nuggets to cook, Ms. Phan's eel vermicelli is also very famous in the broth. To create a unique flavor, the cook must simmer stewed eel bones with pork bones to create a brown broth, then season it to make it more flavorful. The accompaniment is thinly sliced banana flowers, combined with herbs to taste very good and increase the deliciousness of the bowl of vermicelli. And if you have the opportunity to come here, don't miss this legendary Ba Phan eel vermicelli.

4. Phuc Loc Tho Restaurant – 130 Tue Tinh Street


Phuc Loc Tho Restaurant is full of the quintessence of Vietnamese culinary culture, not only a place to enjoy food that is loved by diners but also attractive to those who love traditional cuisine. The restaurant is not only located right in the city center, making it convenient for transportation, but also scores points in the architectural style of the country garden design, which is very harmonious with nature, creating a fresh comfort in the space. Inside the restaurant are materials made from bamboo, bold rural colors, close but warm, extremely clean and spacious.

Including the lobby and garden space, the restaurant can accommodate up to hundreds of guests. The menu is diverse; the dishes are attractive, fresh and irresistible, from country dishes such as chicken and mountain goat meat, to seafood dishes such as oysters, squid,... The dish is a clever combination. Clever and delicate in color as well as taste, they are all harmonious and mouth-watering, creating an extremely attractive attraction for customers.

5. Thang Long Restaurant – Chi Phong Village, Trang An tourism area


If you do not know what to eat in Trang An, a suggestion for you is goat meat. Goat meat here is famous for its delicious taste and is processed into many different dishes. There are many delicious restaurants in Trang An serving this famous goat meat dish, the best of which is Thang Long restaurant.

According to the experiences of dining in Trang An of the majority of tourists coming here, this restaurant is the most worthwhile and most worth the money. The restaurant's goat meat is carefully selected and very fresh. In particular, the marinated and traditional recipes here create unmistakable flavors. Moreover, the restaurant space is quite spacious and airy, which gives a very comfortable and delicious feeling. Besides, the professional and attentive service style is also a plus point that makes diners very satisfied with this restaurant.

6. Hoang Giang Restaurant – Hang Ca Mountain, Trang An tourism area


Hoang Giang Ninh Binh restaurant is not only famous for its beautiful and spacious space design, but also for its delicious but very affordable dishes. Therefore, this place is a great destination for travelers who want to find a good restaurant in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh. In particular, mountain goat specialties with unique and delicious processing methods are hard to find elsewhere. In addition, the restaurant also serves delicious elderberry specialties only in Ninh Binh.

Come here, only spend about 150,000 so diners can eat and drink. In addition, the restaurant also provides air conditioning for hot summer days, providing a very comfortable and pleasant dining space. The attentive and enthusiastic reception also makes many visitors very satisfied with this restaurant.

7. Huong Que Restaurant – 05 Nguyen Luong Bang


Huong Que restaurant gives you the feeling of being at home because the restaurant has a campus right in a house on Nguyen Luong Bang Street. The space is cozy, close, and extremely clean and airy. Huong Que Restaurant can welcome hundreds of guests and, with beautiful architectural views, is really an ideal dating spot for everyone in the evenings after work or weekends who wants to change their habits. ideal for family, friends, and relatives, as well as for organizing family parties, birthday parties, events, etc.Therefore, if you are traveling in Ninh Binh and are looking for an ideal dining address, Huong Que Restaurant is the answer you need.

The freshness of the ingredients, the skillful decoration, and the processing skills of professional chefs have all created dishes that can be said to be impeccable, from rustic country salads to extremely attractive books, generally appealing from sight, smell, and taste. The sweetness, crunchiness, and fat are kept intact. The difference compared to the dishes at other restaurants is the unique recipe, with the style only available at Huong Que.

8. Cho Que Restaurant – Trang An 2 Road, Tan Trung Street


It would definitely be a big mistake if, once referring to the best restaurants in Ninh Binh, you ignored Cho Que Restaurant, a familiar destination for every family and every foodie who wants to find the best dishes that are the most special and rustic.

In a cozy, rural space, from the wooden house, bamboo to the wall, the decorations, cleverly arranged from the chair to the table, everything is so pure at Cho Que Restaurant. With a menu as diverse as possible, all the delicious delicacies of the countryside and other expensive delicacies such as lobster, tortoise, etc., are prepared by professional and skilled chefs. Here, they never let diners down, and for sure, it's always the most delicious and quality meals.

Besides, the service style of the staff is also one of the reasons why each guest feels satisfied when coming here. They are very polite, enthusiastic, and friendly, especially with their quickness. Their attention in helping guests choose food is always appreciated.

9. Ninh Binh Street Seafood Restaurant – 57 Lane 4 Ton Duc Thang Street


Ninh Binh Street Seafood is the most popular fresh seafood restaurant in Ninh Binh. With a team of skilled chefs, many of whom are seniors in the profession and very experienced, the seafood dishes here are all very delicious, unique and extremely attractive.

Go to Ninh Binh Street Seafood, diners who have lost themselves in a seafood paradise with a wide variety of fresh seafood such as lobster, crab, crab, snail,... All you need to do is choose fresh seafood, order, and in the fastest time, in front of you are hot plates of extremely delicious and fresh seafood.

The restaurant space is clean, luxurious, and airy, giving you a feeling of comfort and joy when enjoying seafood here. The inside of the restaurant is beautifully decorated, creating a cozy and comfortable space, so Ninh Binh Street Seafood will be a meeting point not to be missed for seafood lovers, especially those who love seafood. Birthday parties, gatherings, and dining are great.

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