A sample street food day in Hoi An

Hoi An is an excellent place for you and your stomach, day and night, to be happy. The price per dish is approximately 45,000 VND (2 USD). A full day of delicious food can cost around 550,000 VND (USD 25). So you are not concerned about spending a fortune on food. If you come to this lovely town and want to try some of the best food, below is an example day:

In the morning, there are a few options for getting ready for an active day:

+ Quang Noodle: Pork and shrimp, which are also used to prepare the broth and as toppings, along with peanuts and rice crackers, are the traditional components. However, the meal has evolved over time to include more toppings, such as squid, eggs, snails, chicken, fish, and even frogs.


+ Banh mi Hoi An is a Vietnamese bread with a variety of fillings, ranging from grilled pork to fried eggs. Banh My Phuong and Banh My Madam Khanh are two well-known names.


In the afternoon, it is time for a big lunch:

+ Hoi An chicken rice: With its pleasantly yellowed rice, hand-shredded chicken, and herbs, a dish of chicken rice is a mouthwatering dish. It comes with a small bowl of soup that contains chicken heart and liver giblets.


Tasty dinner for the best satisfactory feeling:

+ Cao Lau: Its al dente noodles, for example, resemble Japanese udon in appearance. Slices of pork that resemble char siu, or Chinese barbecued pork, are among the toppings.


+ Hoi An grilled pork, different cakes, sweet dessert like a pudding of tofu / soybean


Apart from the aforementioned well-known dishes, there is a wide variety of seafood and international cuisine for those seeking a taste similar to that of their home country. Whatever your preferences, Hoi An has the best option for you.

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