5 Best Things to Buy in Hanoi

When it comes to shopping in Hanoi, Vietnam's one-thousand-year-old capital, there are plenty of options. From original silk to ethnic minority souvenirs to wooden goods, the city has something for everyone. Buying one of 5 best things means you bring a beautiful part of Hanoi and Vietnam also to home.

1. Ethnic Minority Products


With the exception of the majority Kinh people, Vietnam is home to 53 ethnic groups, most of whom are concentrated in the northern mountainous part of the country, and each has its own distinctive attire. In today's world, souvenir shops in Hanoi's capital sell both handicrafts and clothing with unique decorations and special weavings from many ethnic groups.

2. Silk and Embroidery


When visiting Vietnam, a typical Eastern country, tourists must not miss the original traditional silk. In each location in Vietnam, residents create silk in slightly different ways, but the Van Phuc Silk Village in Hanoi is known for producing the best silk in the country. In Hang Gai, a little street near Hanoi Old Quarter, you may buy doodle silk, printed silk, or patterned silk with national decorations as a unique gift for friends and family.

3. Handicrafts


Hanoi's handicrafts (real and imitation) include lacquer ware, mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture, pottery, sandalwood statuettes, watercolours, oil paintings, prints, and miscellaneous antiquities. The streets of Hang Gai, To Tich, Hang Khai, and Cau Go Street are all popular shopping areas. Depending on the item, the price ranges from 3 to 7 USD.

4. ‘Do’ paper


The bark of the Do tree, a popular natural species along local riverbanks, is used to make Do paper. It was popular for many years before the present paper manufacturing process was developed. Do paper is now only used to create ethnic greeting cards, watercolor paintings, folk art, and bamboo-bound notebooks in Hanoi. Paper cards with embroidered squares cost around 2 dollars, bamboo bound notebooks start at 1.50 dollars, and hemp covered notebooks start at 2 dollars. Products linked to Do paper can be found on Hang Gai and Hang Bac Streets.

5. Designer Boutiques


When visiting Hanoi, fashionistas can buy wonderfully crafted, custom-tailored clothing at a discount. You only need to bring a magazine catalog or the article of clothing you wish to reproduce, as well as your directions for the tailors. Ordering shirts, blouses, gowns, party dresses, and especially Ao dai (Vietnam's traditional long dress) made of genuine silk from Vietnam is a must. There are many tailor-made boutiques on Hang Gai Street. Each outfit costs between $25 and $50.

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