5 Best Cafes in Hue

Hue coffee shops are as numerous as in other tourist cities in Vietnam. However, sipping a cup of coffee when coming to Hue in the quiet space of the thousand-year-old ancient capital or in a green garden house... the taste of coffee becomes different and strange. The 5 best coffee shops in Hue below are the places you should visit.




1. Cà Phê Muối or Muối Coffee (Salt Coffee) – 142 Dang Thai Than Street & 10 Nguyen Luong Bang Road

Salted coffee originates from Hue, which has a rich and different taste. Salted coffee has become a familiar part of the Hue people. It is said that anyone who comes to Hue without enjoying salted coffee has not gone to Hue.

Order a cup of salted coffee, anxiously waiting, waiting for the drink to hear the name for the first time. Then, you suddenly realize that salted coffee is saltier and sweeter than any coffee you've ever had.




2. The One Coffee & Bakery – 03 Hung Vuong Street

The One Coffee and Bakery is the address where many foreign tourists come here. If you come to the shop at night, you will be impressed by the many bright and shimmering decorated lights.

The facilities inside the restaurant are decorated in a modern style. However, it is not noisy, but very gentle. If you want to find a quiet place to think and observe, this is the place for you. The shop is built into 2 distinct floors. If you want to see the street from above, you can go to the 2nd floor for a better view.




3. Root Coffee – 43 Ngo Quyen Street

Unique with the layout, classic style. Root coffee gives people a feeling of peace and comfort. Especially for those who love classic cars, this is a place not to be missed.

The space of the restaurant is designed differently from the outside. Even the parking place, people have seen the difference and are unique here. This is one of the few remaining shops and is a place to collect antique cars. Some classic motorbikes, from a long time ago, are arranged downstairs, making the cafe even more unique.




4. Cà Phê Vỹ Dạ Xưa (Ca Phe Vy Da Xua) – 131 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Vy Da Village

If you are a lover of coffee shops with ancient and peaceful spaces, you should not miss the old Vy Da coffee. The shop is located about 1km from the center, across Dap Da bridge, along Nguyen Sinh Cung street towards Vy Da village. Designed in the style of a garden house with ancient royal architecture, the focus is on the Ruong (Rường) house, which is surrounded by a green garden with rows of willow balls, perennial bonsai pots, rockeries with murmuring waterfalls, and a few small overseas bridges crossing...




5. Vườn Trà (Vuon Tra) – 01 Xuan Thuy, Vy Da Village

Vuon Tra owns a green garden space, with many rare ornamental plants and baskets of orchids showing off their fragrance. Entering the Vuon Tra, you enter the cafe but feel like you are lost in the royal flower garden. Not only interested in trees and flowers, Vuon Tra also owns a beautiful Koi pond with fish swimming around it.

The Vuon Tra serves mainly tea and coffee. But in the peaceful and quiet space here, most customers choose to enjoy tea. Sitting perched on bamboo chairs, enjoying a pot of fragrant tea is great. At that time, your soul becomes pure and calm. All the hardships and hardships of a busy life seem to be drifting with the cool winds.

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