West Lake (Ho Tay) of Hanoi

Hanoi's West Lake (Ho Tay), the largest natural lake in Hanoi, is where folks congregate, relax, sightsee, and get exercise. The lake is 15 kilometers along its full perimeter. Around the lake, there are a lot of historical sites, in addition to stunning hotels, excellent dining options, comfortable cafes, and a vibrant nightlife. The lake, which is part of Tay Ho District, is also the most popular place for foreigners to reside. One of Hanoi's most stunning locations is West Lake. Its numerous historical and cultural artifacts depict the evolution of the nation's capital city. The most romantic area of Hanoi is probably around West Lake.




The Region Around West Lake

The largest freshwater lake in Hanoi, Vietnam's northwest district, is called West Lake. The largest lake in the city has a 500-acre surface area and a 17-kilometer shoreline. It is a well-liked recreation location with a lot of nearby gardens, hotels, and villas.

West Lake, the largest lake in the city, has a perimeter of 15 km and is surrounded by affluent neighborhoods, notably the Tay Ho district, which is home to many expats. Seafood restaurants can be found on the south side along Thuy Khue, and to the east, the Xuan Dieu strip is studded with eateries, cafes, boutiques, and upscale hotels. From the commotion of the Old Quarter, the mood is a welcome change of pace. The lake is encircled by a walkway, which makes for a fantastic bicycle ride.

The density of historical antiquities in the area surrounding West Lake is well-known, with the majority of them being pagodas featuring various Buddhist architectural motifs. There are 62 artifacts, of which 7 municipal heritage sites and 22 are designated as national or international heritage. Tens of thousands of visitors and pilgrims visit these locations in the early spring. In recent years, it has become common to drive around the lake in an electric vehicle.




History of taking shape the West Lake

A curving section of the Red River was used to form West Lake, which was mentioned in a number of Vietnamese myths. According to legend, West Lake was formed as a result of a conflict between Lac Long Quan and a nine-tailed fox spirit, which is why the lake was formerly known as "Fox Corpse Swamp" (Dam Xac Cao). According to a different folktale, the lake was once known as "Golden Buffalo Lake" (Ho Trau Vang) because a buffalo struggled to create it after her calf vanished. Due to its foggy surroundings, the lake was given the name "Foggy Lake" (Han Viet: Ho Dam Dam) in the eleventh century. In order to avoid using the given name of king Le The Tong, Duy Dam, the lake's name was ultimately altered to "West Lake" in 1573.

Numerous places that are significant to Hanoi and Vietnam's history surround West Lake. The oldest pagoda in Vietnam, Tran Quoc Pagoda, was constructed in the sixth century by Ly Nam De and is situated on a small island in the center of a lake. Quan Thanh Temple, one of the Four Sacred Temples in Old Hanoi, is close to Tran Quoc Pagoda (Vietnamese: Thang Long Tu Tran). The oldest high school in Vietnam, Chu Van An High School, is situated adjacent to the lake.




Things to do in West Lake

It will be worthwhile to check out the cafe and restaurant scene in the West Lake expat neighborhood, often known as Tay Ho, if you plan to stay in Hanoi for more than a few days. This is one of the city's busiest culinary districts for international cuisine, and it's only becoming busier. Additionally, there is shopping and a lively nightlife. From downtown Hanoi, it takes a taxi 10 to 15 minutes to get to everything.

The West Lake neighborhood of Hanoi is home to many of the city's top cafes and international restaurants, and the food scene there is thriving. The international restaurant scene at West Lake is spread out over a considerable portion of its eastern shore, namely in the streets that run southwest off Xuan Dieu.

West Lake is beautiful in all four seasons. In particular, in the summer, when its waters reflect colorful trees that are purple and red, West Lake is exceptionally stunning. Hanoians stroll along its banks every day from dawn until sunset to get some fresh air and possibly work out before going home. In the evening, West Lake is a gathering spot for lovers and friends. Some people unwind while sipping coffee in a tiny café near the lake while taking in the breeze. Some people travel to a restaurant to enjoy the renowned shrimp crepes from West Lake. Others get on a fancy boat and cruise the lake. The daily lives of Hanoians are dependent on it. West Lake is more than just a beautiful location; it is essential to Hanoians' daily lives.

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